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New RIM Campaign – Ask Somebody Why They Hate Their BlackBerry

Angry_babyI am proposing a response to RIM’s “Ask Somebody Why They Love Their BlackBerry” marketing campaign we told you about earlier. Our campaign will rightfully be titled “Ask Somebody Why They Hate Their BlackBerry.” RIM has never made an open push to ask users what they feel could be improved in their BlackBerry devices. This will actually be #1 on the list. RIM should listen to their consumer customers and not just their large corporate customers.

Below you will see the list I have been compiling with Josep of Feel free to add your own in the comments.


  1. That RIM does not listen to their customers. They have no line of communication open to gauge what a customer cares about.
  2. That RIM announces OS upgrades and delays them for months if not years. Do you remember how long it took to get the 4.2 OS upgrade?
  3. That RIM does not tell consumers about planned or current outages. It takes days after the fact for us to even hear a peep from them.
  4. That RIM did not add the H.264 Codec to the BlackBerry video player. They could have easily capitalized on the H.264 Codec that the iPod uses.
  5. That we still have no useful voice recorder. We can’t record phone calls. Something I could do with Symbian phones ages ago.
  6. No flash support. Enough said.
  7. That RIM makes promises but takes months if not years to deliver.
  8. That the RIM API makes it 10 times harder to get good applications for BlackBerry devices.
  9. That most of RIM’s Instant Messenger clients are not available from all carriers
  10. That RIM’s MP3 player is equivalent to a 5 year old MP3 player. For example there is still no equalizer!

Okay so there are 10 on my list. What is on your list?

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  1. You are a GENIUS!!

  2. You can email [email protected] but who knows what happens to emails sent there…

    Here is my wish list:

    1. Faster data access for mass storage mode. My sdhc card reader is literally 20x as fast for read/writes to my card than my BB is.
    2. Eliminate pauses between tracks in the media player.
    3. Podcast support.
    4. Ability to put apps on storage card or at least some more device memory. 64mb on my 8130 is rediculous. 256 or 512 MB of memory is really not that expensive.
    5. Button on the case for skipping to the next song. Would be ideal if the standby button on my Pearl could do that when pressed quickly and pause/standby when held down.
    6. Switch back to home network from roaming automatically when available. I can roam on Verizon’s network in the DC metro but when I get above ground again it stays on VZ rather than switching back to Sprint. I have to turn off the wireless then turn it back on to get it to connect to Sprint again.

  3. No HSDPA support on the 8800 series.

    Trackball that gets dirty in 20 seconds.

    No event specific LED color options on the 8800 series.

  4. Wow I agree with all. The memory issue is something they have to fix! Cant believe I forgot that. The HSPDA was just a pain especially since they already had GSM 3G in the 8707v!

    Keep it going 🙂

  5. I’ll contend with some of Ronen’s points:
    2. One of the things I like best in my Blackberry is how stable it is. 4.2 could be better, but it’s not bad. I therefore think that RIM should take their time, Microsoft shouldn’t be an example to anyone.
    3. I wonder if the outages are planned or expected in anyway.
    4. Agreed. On the other hand, I can’t send any of the videos I convert from Youtube to my iPod fan friend because her iPod won’t play anything I send her. My Berry plays many more formats then her overpriced piece of Apple fanaticism.
    5. Hey, I have a very useful voice recorder! It’s called VR+, I really recommend it. also sells a very good voice recorder. Should RIM really cram every possible application into the product and leave no room for third-party developers? I agree we should be able to record phone calls though.
    6. Flash support is not that trivial. Come on.
    9. But who is to blame for that, RIM or the carriers?
    I could lay down a roster of feature or improvement requests too, but “hate” is quite a strong word which I would only apply to the insane boot time and the media card under the battery. Those two things really make me want to wring their necks. Grrrr…

  6. Not in order:
    Allowing carriers to disable hardware features (I.e. GPS).
    The web browser is STILL terrible.
    Limited choice of non-camera models.
    LONG delay for CDMA models (Curve!)
    Lack of podcast support.
    Battery life on 8830 is terrible!
    Speaker volume on 8830 is way inferior to what I had with 7100i

  7. Luc & David I agree 100%

    Truly why does it take minutes to startup a Berry and they really need to fix that web browser. Do you remember the leaked screenshots of the upgraded BB Browser months ago? What ever happened to that? The podcasting issue is just a pain in the… The Media Player is an afterthought!

  8. This is quite a hard one. (It’s like answering ’10 Things you Hate about your loved one?). But here goes:
    1. Boss, I really hate the ‘Ugly Baby’ picture at the start of this article. Please Delete, Delete, Delete.
    Ok, now the serious stuff,
    2. Limited inbuilt memory. (Just not enough room for all the applications) Or the ability to save 3rd party applications on memory card.
    3. The lack of a native ‘predictive’ texting application on all products except the Pearl.

    Oh, and one more thing, Next G (3.5 G) support…

    Everybody else has covered everything else I have a problem with…And I agree with all the points thus far…

  9. Profiles. GAH!

    1) Can’t copy a profile to create a slightly different one. Have to start from scratch.
    2) Can’t customize the vibration. So when I have my Curve in my pocket, I can’t easily tell if someone is calling, I just got an SMS, or it’s 10 minutes before an appointment. For crying out loud, why can’t I select something like three quick vibrate blips (repeating) for a phone call, two long-vibrates for an SMS, etc. I know we can pick from a zillion audible tones, but most of the time I have my bb on vibrate (meetings where I can’t disturb folks, parties where I can’t hear anything, etc.)

  10. Adam,
    I actually found in the Profile settings that you can set the number of vibrates per notification from 1-3. I have google talk as 1 vibe and email as 2. The fact that you cannot copy them is a PAIN IN THE…

    I like the baby 🙁
    The fact that 3G is not coming anytime soon is also a pain. I always wanted to use my Berry for tethering with a fast connection.

    I also second the fact that there is no button that will change tracks in the media player. Why could they not have made a long push on the volume button move it a track back or forward??? On that note why can you only customize the 2 shortcut buttons. Even my old WM5 device let you customize more than that!

  11. One more gripe – I really need RIM to add the capability to flag emails for follow up! I live and die by that function in outlook.

  12. I completely agree. They do have 3rd party software to flag emails but they do not sync with outlook flags!

  13. E-mail follow-up never worked for me. I flag messages for later and… I do take care of them way too “later”.
    I learned this from a friend: answering a message doesn’t take that long. Stop whatever you’re doing and answer it NOW. Or else it will linger around for hours, days and even risk not being answered at all. I try to follow her advice and it is always the best thing to do. Just sharing a thought.

  14. I have my BB set to vibrate once for SMS messages and twice for calls. No vibration for e-mail. Meaning: e-mail can wait, SMS requires attention and calls require attention IMMEDIATELY.
    I wrote a review for the Blackberry Curve once and one of the things I praised the most was the ringer profile manager. We can define different ringers and vibrations for just about everything. And also have those excepetions. It is VERY flexible. I do think, though, it is not well designed. As a matter of fact, I always cringe at the thought of changing any of my settings in it.

  15. Luc,
    First of all if I answered emails as they came in I would be doing it all day :(. You must be better at organizing…

    Oh god I just changed the Loud profile setting today from 3 rings to two rings for emails. I had to go into all 5 of my messages accounts and set it separately. I like the ability to do that but it is just a pain to manage!

  16. I don’t flag emails for follow up just so I can reply to them later. I also use it as a way of quickly creating a task with a reminder. If the email was asking me to do something, I just flag it for follow up with a reminder time and it pops up to tell me when I need to do it. Saves me the trouble of creating a task from scratch.

  17. Rugger, personally I use one of the HTML email viewers out there because they give you the menu option to add an email as a task. It then copies over the info into the task. Something RIM should have done ages ago!

  18. 1. Better MP3 Player One That Support Apple Songs.

    2. Have an option to remove the annoying Shutter Camera Noise.

    3. Make Data Plans a Priority Such as iPhone.

    4. Make all models With recordable video (my 8310 can record video!)

    5. Make Signiture Edting Easier for AT&T

    6. Don’t Block off my number after a 911 Call (I called 911 and after that I wasent reciving andything for like 10 min then a Rage of VoiceMail txts missed call notfications rushed , its a time of emergancy so don’t slow me down)

    7. Option to remove Emergancy call feature when locked. And allow the numbers 611 , 911 To be called (almost called 911 once on acident).

    8.Make a Decent app making community. (Apple App Store.)

    9.Make a Better Browser or Opera Mini Default<3

    10.Make brick braker better (sometimes I reach for the ball it just goes through)

    11. Listen to us, RIM

    12. TrackBall Improvement my friends ball. Is YELLOW Filthy.

    13. Do something about Mail for Commercial ppl. Like my father he says ” I hated the iphone , I was ablackberry man from the begining but iphone’s Mail setup is beautiful it runs well with exchange and isn’t a pain such as blackberry in where u have to have a server and have liscences.)

    14. Make themes that will blow us away

    15. Better Camera PLEASE!

    16. Allow us to pick the color of the LED Covrage / new message /ect.

    17.Send Upgrades Faster.


    The End

  19. CANT* recorde video

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