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New Mobile YouTube Application – No Love For BlackBerry

Pic_ytmobiless_268x168-vfl32372Google has just released a new mobile JAVA application for YouTube that sadly does not support BlackBerry devices. This is a step forward since most previous devices needed a native YouTube application. So this may be a sign that one for BlackBerry will be coming soon. I guess the underlying issue is that the mobile YouTube mobile website requires a phone that is able to stream 3GP files over RTSP. Which the BlackBerry cannot.

According to GoogleSystem the application currently is only available for the Sony Ericsson K800 & W880 and Nokia S60 3rd Edition phones including the N73, N95, E65, 6110, 6120. They also mention that some people have tried just downloading the JAR file directly from this link but it did not work on my BlackBerry 8310. Maybe somebody with an 8130 can to try it out?

Check out more info on the YouTube Blog. Hopefully this is a sign that a BlackBerry YouTube application is not that far off…

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  1. I also have an 8310 (os ver 4.2) and saw this story yesterday. now youtube and are both busted for blackberry. BOOOOO!!! 😛

  2. Yeah I heard about that. I guess they just dont mind leaving people out in the cold…

  3. Tried downloading the jar listed at the link above on my 8130 and it failed.

    Just though I would give you a heads up.

  4. I also tried downloading the JAR file on my 8830 and it wouldn’t load the file. Here’s the error I received:

    Error: Invalid manifest or application descriptor.

    The “” attribute is invalid

    Not sure if it’s because I have an 8830. I’m a newbie to this blog and just wanted to try it out.


  5. Yeah I guess there truly is no love for the BlackBerry. I was hoping OS 4.3 on the 8130 would be able to handle it

  6. Hi,I have GPRS on BB 7290 with v. OS. Can’t watch videos on YouTube with BB browser. What do I need to do? Will OperaMini browser let me watch videos on my BB 7290? I’m a newbie and hearing-impaired.I have unlimited data access;T-Mobile as provider thru Thanks for any help. (My first time to visit this site.Read most of the comments which I find great so I wondered if I can find answers to my questions also.

  7. ChemTutor,
    Sorry currently there is no way to watch youtube videos that I can recommend other than using a converter from your PC and then copying them over. Any other way just does not work.
    Glad your liking the site. Let me know if you have anything else!

  8. Hello there,

    I am also new to this blog, and I must say the info you all post here is extremely helpful.
    I would like to know how I can watch video’s on my BlackBerry 8310.
    If anyone can help with this, I will be greatly appreciative.
    Thank you

  9. Glad to hear its been a help EMPLU. Sadly video on the BlackBerry has not seen any improvements and is still pretty bare bones. Even the new 4.3 release did not change much. On the other hand companies such as slingplayer are doing their best to mobilize video to work on your BlackBerry. Hopefully it will work well.

    For the 8310 all I can recommend is to wait until the new OS is released for it.

  10. is a good site for videos on the bb, you have to download it onto your pc first and then drag it over to your blackberry storage file, it will play on media player i’ve got over 20 downloads, check it out,,,, go to my computer left click and make it a short cut on the desktop.. but dont delete them make new folder and then drag them there you might get bored, you’ll have something to view at later date like rerun on the go…..

  11. If any ever get to watch you tube videos on there blackberry 8310 please let me no just email me [email protected]

  12. Allen,
    It works on my 8310 with OS

  13. I can play videos on my 8310 but can’t play the ones from YouTube. You can watch videos on Break Mobile with your 8310 thou. Can anyone help?

  14. Hi there. I use a BB 7290. The problem is, i cant download any applications as it says, invalid manifest or application descriptor. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanx in advance..

  15. My father has the blackberry for Verizon he can watch videos I have the 8310 no video love how. Stupid.

  16. Hey guys i have a blackberry curve for T-Mobile and i can watch videos on youtube because i upgraded my blackberry with T-Mobile BlackBerry Upgrade so ppl with T-Mobile try to upgrade…google blackberry upgrade and see what happens that’s the only advise i can give good luck…the youtube is not that great though =/

  17. Youtube works just fine on my Blackberry Curve as well as my Pearl. You have to have your properties set right though.
    1) in browser go to Browser config
    2)Browser should be – Internet Browser
    3)Make sure to Uncheck-Support Javascript
    4) Uncheck-support HTML tables,
    5)Uncheck- support embedded Media.
    6)Make sure Emulation mode is set to Blackberry
    Do this and should work, at least all mine do

  18. I got my Storm to play videos from Youtube using the configuration that ZEKE used. I also set my browser id to IE.

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