JLGUI – GUI Frontend For Javaloader

I will preface this post by saying that playing around with Javaloader is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t know what Javaloader is I would recommend just ignoring this post.  With that said many of us have been using Javaloader.exe for quite a few years now to manually remove and add .COD files that we could not remove/add using the Desktop Manager or BlackBerry itself.

Recently I had a need to remove some stubborn .COD files that I could not remove and I did not want to have to reinstall my BlackBerry. Honestly I was trying to remove the Voice Activated dialing application and Push-To-Talk app. The voice dialing application was just a pain and never really worked. On top of that every time I ended a call with my Bluetooth headset it would bring up the voice dialing application “Say A Command” annoyance.

I succeeded in removing both applications in a much simpler fashion by using a free application frontend for Javaloader called JLGUI. JLGUI was released by FiddlerMD on PinStack a month or two ago and I never really had a need for it until recently. What I did find is that the application really does help when it comes to manually removing and adding .COD files without having to resort to the command line. Thanks Fiddler!

Check out JLGUI at this link: www.controlgenie.com/JLGUI.zip

You can see a screenshot below:


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  1. I have a question as the instructions werent to clear and Im not that savy on this stuff but I abhor having things on my phone that I cant take off and dont need, so please bear with me, I know I should back up my phone, but how does it work with using this program above does it automatically upload what is on the bb to this program??

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