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How To: Free Memory By Removing Voice Dialing, PTT, & Others

ThrowingpapersintheairYesterday I decided it was time to clean up house on my BlackBerry. All my applications were running very slow and I had less than 3Mb of free storage. The time had come to finally rectify the problem. Previously I would have just removed some programs I installed and that would be that. This time I decided to remove some CORE BlackBerry programs to free up some space AND remove the annoying “Say A Command” unimpressive Voice Dialing application (Which takes over 1Mb).

Normally to remove these applications you would either have to reinstall the OS with a modified BlackBerry.alx file or remove the applications manually with the javaloader.exe utility. Recently with the new JLGUI application we mentioned previously there is a much easier way to remove these applications.

Keep in mind you can also use this procedure to remove themes that you don’t like. You can also use it to add themes that you do.  I will try to cover that another time.

I used a combination of the JLGUI and John Clarks instructions on to remove these applications. Below you will see what I did.

  1. BACKUP YOUR BLACKBERRY! There are no promises when you perform these steps so be safe! I am not sure if this procedure with work with the new BlackBerry 8130 Pearl since it has OS 4.3.
  2. Download the JLGUI application from this link:
  3. Unzip the application
  4. Run the JLGUI.exe file and when it asks for the location of Javaloader.exe you just point it to the file in the same directory
  5. Click the “Manual Add” button and enter in the .COD files that I will spell out below that you wish to remove
  6. Then click the “Remove” button and your done. Just let you BB restart and the apps are gone

List of .COD files from John Clarks post on

To remove PTT from AT&T devices remove the following .cod’s:


To Remove Voice Activated Dialing:

Note: On Voice Dialing you likely don’t need to delete every one of these .cod’s. If you are using English only you can delete the first 4 on this list. If you’re using something other than english, delete the first 4 and then any other of the .cod’s for the language you’re using.


To Remove Preinstalled Wallpapers:

The prenistalled Wallpapers are the second largest .cod installed to the BB’s device memory. The first is the sample video. On some of the Pearls, the preinstalled wallpapers are the largest, even larger than the sample video. The sample video can be removed using the application loader but the preinstalled wallpapers can’t. We can remove them by removing the associated .cod from the java folder:

On Qwerty devices:
net_rim_bb_media_320x240_b.cod (1.7MB)

On SureType devices (pearl)
net_rim_bb_media_240x260_b.cod (3.5MB)

Note: Removing this media.cod will also remove custom folder icons (which I don’t use anyway.) You can still add a folder to your homescreen but your only choice will be the yellow folder icon. (thanks to Iare Tosevite for bringing this to my attention.)

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  1. Thanks for the write up! I would like to just add that using this method does the same thing on the BlackBerry that my method does. However, be aware that if you later plug the blackberry into desktop manager and run application loader to install another application, these files will likely be reloaded and you’ll have to remove them again. Using application loader with the .cod’s removed from the java folder is the best method. However, if you are a Mac user or on a BES and your company doesn’t allow use of Desktop Manager this is a good option!

  2. Thanks for the info. I was just looking for a way to get rid of the PTT application. Keep up the great work on BerryReview.

  3. BerryZilla,
    Thanks but it is more of a compilation of other peoples work 🙂

    Thanks for the help and clarification

  4. have a pearl 8130 and was successful in removing the voice dialing cods but the media cod did not exist. opened a bunch of space, but about in options is visible but not selectable. personally, for the space it opened i would be more than happy to sacrifice my about

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