RANT! What Happened To Native HTML Email?

I an email with Josep of Miblackberry he reminded me about a RIM powerpoint released in October 2007 showing the BlackBerry Server roadmap. This powerpoint mentioned clearly that BES 4.1.5 was supposed to bring Rich Content and HTML to BlackBerry emails.


My question is what ever happened to BES 4.1.5? We are waiting RIM! BBSmart and Empower have proven that their is a strong demand for HTML email so why tease us this long? It has been over 3 months since they have presented these beautiful screenshots and still no word… Even if they just released some functionality to the API allowing HTML through imagine what BBSmart or Empower could do with it! I digress… the details from the presentation are after the jump.


The text from the slide reads:

Rich Text and HTML

  • external images on-demand
  • embedded images, tables
  • active hyper linking
  • font formatting
    • type, color, effects, size
  • paragraph-level formatting
  • numbering, bullets
  • justification, indentation

Administrative Controls

  • disable rich content email rendering
  • disable external image access
  • disable inline content access
  • scope is per-server basis

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