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TaskMaster – Cheaper GTD Task Application For BlackBerry

Taskmaster_box_240x240S4BB has decided to come up with an application that will fill the gap between the native RIM task application and their $49.99 priced NextAction. Their solution was a new application called TaskMaster with a more reasonable price point of $19.99.

I have not managed to find any comparison at all between NextAction and the lower priced TaskMaster to explain why NextAction costs 2.5 times as much as TaskMaster. The ironic part is that when they call TaskMaster a “Fully Featured” task management application it makes me wonder what features are worth the extra $49.99 to get NextAction?


TaskMaster has a pretty full rounded feature set in my humble opinion. You can see a quick snippet of the feature set from the product page below:

  • FAST one click category switching – famous from NextAction!.
  • Full featured task support: due dates, priorities, notes, status, etc.
  • Synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act!, Novell Groupwise, iCal, Entourage, and more.
  • 100% compatible with internal Blackberry Task Application and NextAction!. You can use them simultaneously if you want.
  • Enhanced for implementing GTD® (Getting Things Done).

PS: On a side note I actually got a quick laugh from the name S4BB chose for the product. They named it after the old school comic character Taskmaster. For a little deja vu you can read up on TaskMaster on Wikipedia.

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  1. What is the difference between this and the Tasks application on BB (8130)?


  2. Honestly I cant seem to find the answer to that question myself. Greg is working on the review and his first thoughts are that it is actually worse than the native task manager…

  3. The Mentat BlackBerry app is available now as well.

    It offers a lot more than the BlackBerry Tasks app (shared projects and reassignment options, Jott support, Status notifications, email to task conversion, automatically synched with a web version, etc.).

    Costs $25 to buy but you can try it 10 times for free before you have to register.If you’re interested in GTD on the BlackBerry, especially if you work on team projects you should try it out. Great for handling groceries with the family too 🙂

  4. I have not yet purchased TaskMaster, but I have to find something because the native BB tasks program is pathetic. You can’t do a sort by levels (eg by priority, by date), you can’t just view tasks for the next few days (some tasks take place in a year and I certainly don’t want to see them in my list!), and you can’t set customized reminders to get the date and time you want to be reminded.

  5. Unfortunately the Blackberry has no acceptable To Do list or outliner – period. What I needed was something like Bonsai on the Palm or numerous other Pocket PC applications. You need a desktop application to type in entries quickly and sync, easy way to raise/lower the priority, make it hierarchical, add in the date/time to get certain items done if applicable and done. ToDo Matrix is overpriced, looks incredibly ugly, takes a lot of keystrokes, and requires their yearly web service for syncing. Why do I need them for that? I just want a desktop application. All these others are just revisions of the built in tasks manager and don’t really add any functionality.

  6. Does anyone know of how to get the BB Curve task function to be more like the Palm’s To do? I really need to assign tasks by date on the fly, view taks for just that date, see only my pending tasks on my Calendar, etc. The native task app on the BB has too many entries and does not sync consistently with Outlook. Please Help!

  7. Cara, I absolutely agree, the native BlackBerry to-do application is not very good. It can’t do anything remotely useful.

    I am using this BlackBerry GTD app called Viira from instead and it has worked great for me. It has the full GTD works like projects and contexts, and what I found really cool is the ability to have day tasks as well so you can organize your tasks by day. So Mike, you might want to give it a try.

    Viira gives you a free trial and the $29 I spent on it has been well worth it imo. I haven’t tried ToDo Matrix yet but it is just too expensive.

  8. Pocket Informant from WebIS fills the bill for me very nicely. Full integration/synch with the native tasks, calendar, and contacts, and lots of powerful features for the power user. I also have my Pocket Informant installation customized to use the GTD method, and it works very well. Plus there are custom alarms, colors/icons, and a lot more. Really customizable!

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