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Gracenote Mobile MusicID – Help Them Convince RIM!

While I was at CES I came across a live demo Gracenote on a BlackBerry 8300 Curve. Most of you will have no idea what Gracenote is unless you have used it before. Gracenote is a whitelabel software company that provides software for devices to manage and identify music. Whitelabel means that they don’t sell the software themselves rather they sell it to your carrier or cellphone company and they sell it to you.


I got a chance to try out the Gracenote application to identify some music and it worked like a charm on their test 8300. It even gives you the lyrics and bio for each song you identify. I know many of the new Sony Ericsson Walkman cellphones come with this feature FREE and my best friend loves it. The software they showed off at CES was actually smart enough to fix the MP3 files on your device when you sync it with your computer. That means you would get the correct album, artist, and title automatically fixed on your BlackBerry. Talk about cool!


Gracenote is trying to convince RIM to put the application on their devices but they say RIM has a few hangups. The main hangup is that they can’t seem to find a way to make money from it so they were not that interested. Personally I would take a different approach. RIM is trying to target the consumer market so why not offer consumer friendly applications?

You can read more about the Gracenote application on their website or check out the pictures I took from their booth at CES. Personally I think that if BlackBerry users showed an interest in the new application RIM would actually think twice about releasing it.

Send an email to [email protected] and see if we can catch their attention

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  1. One thing at a time:
    1) If anything, that Gracenote thing would make me feel less envious of forum mates that have iPhones and rub that exact same feature in my nose!
    2) The link you provide says “Gracenote Mobile MusicID works together with BlackBerry software and BlackBerry smartphones and blah blah blah…” So, are they in bed already or not?
    3) That’s got to be the best picture of a finger smudge I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  2. Luc,
    Thanks for making fun of my bad Canon shots 🙂
    They seem to have developed the software separately from RIM and are trying to convince them to buy it… I hope

  3. What Gracenote is is the company that stole the CDDB from the public. It’s best to avoid doing any business with them.

  4. This is an extremely cool app. Why should we avoid Gracenote, if they have something that’s cool, that we like, and nobody else has it? And what’s this garbage about Gracenote stealing CDDB? Seems to me that there’s freedb, which started with the same code and data as CDDB. Stop yer crying.

    • Hello Joseph,
      Let me explain to you what is “cool”, and what CDDB did.
      First of all, if you had a really nice car that you spent a lot of money and time working on and someone stole it, how would you like it if someone said “Hey, I don’t care if that guy stole the car or not, he still has one COOL car. I am going to buy it from him because it is cool. I don’t care if he stole it from you and it is actually your work that made it that way. He has it now and it is cool”
      Now, here is what they did. We ALL typed in our track information for years and populated the CDDB database and gave it the value it now has. Then Gracenote purchased OUR HARD WORK and now you have to have software that pays Gracenote in order to access OUR HARD WORK.
      Get it? If not, then don’t fret yourself with trying any harder to understand, you probably will never get it……..

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