Gizmodo Punks CES -> CES Doesn’t Laugh

GizmodogateRichard Blakeley is either the very calculated or just plain dumb. During CES he videotaped himself turning off LCD TV’s during certain companies presentations. He did this to Motorola, Intel, and Creative. Gizmodo made some pretty serious enemies from this stunt. On the other hand, from the last time I checked Gizmodo’s video post it had over 500,000 views! I have to admit I chuckled a bit when I saw it but was it really worth the harm it caused them? I am curious to hear what you think. Is any coverage truly good coverage? Gizmodo has had their name on hundreds of websites since they posted about this.

According to Cnet who has canned this as “Gizmodogate”  the culprit Richard has been banned from CES for life. I am just annoyed at ruffling all of these vendors for a stupid prank that was not even that funny. Richard used a TV-B-Gone remote to turn off these LCD’s during the show.

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