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Exclusive Interview With Magmic – What’s Coming In 2008!

NicholasmagmicOn Tuesday I met with Nicholas Reichenbach of Magmic Games at CES. Nicholas (avatar on left) is the VP of Publishing at Magmic. He gave me the lowdown on what Magmic and bPlay have planned for us in 2008. The details are skim but it seems like Magmic is posed to take over the entertainment market for BlackBerry devices.

I can’t go too far into the details but expect them to be fleshed out more in the next few weeks. The impressive statistic is that Magmic sold over 2 million games last year alone! BlackBerry gaming seems to have taken a life of its own.

Magmic has just released the classic game “The Legends Of Spyro” and will be releasing “Texas Hold’em King 3” and “Leisure Suit Larry” soon!

What is coming in 2008:

  • Consumer Reports Application – Magmic is working on a new Consumer Reports application. This app will allow you to access CR ratings and reviews from your BlackBerry. Sadly this will be a subscription pricing model and the content will not be stored locally due to memory constraints.

Release schedule:

  • Magmic is committed to releasing 6 games and 4 themes every month in 2008
  • 1 of those games each month will be a Magmic developed game instead of a port from another publisher
  • Every second Thursday new content will be released
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  1. Magmic or Bplay has the absolute worst customer support of ANY entity I have EVER used. They are completely useless, the take DAYS to respond, no way to actually talk to anyone, no chat, no knoewledgebase

    I have been f(*&*^% around with them rro 2 weeks to get my games activated…today they ask me for my damn BB pin for the 4th F(*&^%$ time………..THEY TOTALLY SUCK DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCT EVER>>>>>>

  2. Magnus,
    Mind telling me what happened? I can try to help out…

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