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PocketStreamer – Streaming Radio For BlackBerry

PocketstreamerHayden just posted on PinStack about a new commercial radio streaming application for BlackBerry. I will start off by mentioning the fact that this application has no trial which will turn off many potential users but hopefully we will review it soon.

The PocketStreamer application is now available for the 8100 Pearl, 8300 Curve, and 8800 series devices and costs $21.95. Luckily it does not have a subscription fee beyond that point but without a trial I do not see many people forking over their hard earned cash. The details are pretty slim but from the screenshots it seems that it is streaming Shoutcast radio stations to your BlackBerry.

They are touting over 100 stations from Pop to Classical music but it makes not mention of the ability to add your own (shoutcast?) radio stations to the mix. I have just sent them an email so hopefully I will hear more about it soon.

If you are interested in taking the plunge you can find the app here on


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  1. No Demo? Forget about it.
    Thanks for the news, though.

  2. Yeah I know seriously what were they thinking. I really never understood the idea of not offering a demo. I know sometimes vendors hands are tied by 3rd party license agreements but e-media developed this software themselves…

  3. Possibly it is easy to break.. Since all they do is provide streaming addresses of the streams.. Does the software have some special way of buffering songs/streams to on board storage memory? If not, there are free applications that do similar thing, but my blackberry had terrible buffering problems.

  4. I think the part that is interesting is that this is not just for OS 4.3 devices. The streaming codec ability has only been added in 4.3 so I am not sure how they have implemented this for other devices other than the 8130

  5. well as far as I know streaming audio still works in 4.2 on java applications.

  6. Yeah it does but as QuickPlay proved it was just not up to snuff. I really hope they manage to fix that. I have actually heard some confidential information that we will be seeing more streaming video and audio VERY soon. Keep an eye on BerryReview when it breaks 🙂

  7. Well, we could start with getting an official update for curve to 4.3! 🙂

  8. I wish… Every one of the Reps at the RIM booth at CES had OS 4.3 installed on their Curve’s. I was jealous!

  9. Of course, they are the first guinea pigs! 😀

  10. There is a trial version available on their website now.

  11. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. Yeah thanks Twizatch! I will mention it tomorrow!

  13. Well guys, I tried out the demo and *I* found it to work great. I was pleasantly surprised to see many decent shoutcast streams available, and having just picked up an unlimited data plan I figured this would be great for being out and about.

    So… the demo stopped functioning (demo expired) and I decided to PURCHASE the program. I bought it off of the e-mobile site (which actually makes the purchase go through handango, and after a slight hiccup which made me re-do the entire order (I hope I didnt get charged twice), I downloaded and installed (after uninstalling the demo).

    Well, it worked exactly ONE TIME.

    I’m dissapointed to relay that now it does nothing except for indicating “LOADING STATIONS” at the main screen and will not go any further than that. Resetting the phone, and all the usual tricks do nothing to solve the problem. To be sure this didnt have anything to do with the phone/demo thing, I tried it on my other (identical) blackberry. SAME problem.

    I *suspect* that it relies on an e-mobile server (or something) to fetch the list of available stations, and I again *suspect* that if that server is down, YOU ARE S.O.L. I could be wrong, but the result is that $21 was just spent to see a pretty blue screen attempting to load stations.

    Good idea, great when I was able to use the demo – didnt have any issue with buffering and the quality was certainly acceptable, but as it stands – it appears to be a waste of money. If it ever comes back on line again – I’ll come back and update this thread.

  14. ^^^^

    Update: 2 days later – it works. I’d sent a support request to handango, and shortly thereafter received a support response from the developer. He suggested I change some of my network settings, but before doing that I went back in and tried the program. It worked. I changed nothing. Perhaps they rebooted? 🙂

    Regardless, now its working again, with a 2-day hiccup. Hope it stays up and working now. If it does, I’ll be very happy. If it doesn’t I’ll post back here.

  15. Jess, I am having the same problem. I have been looking at this stupid screen that says Loading stations for 2 days now, and this program has only worked once for me. It’s so irritating! I don’t know what to do. Grrr…

  16. Well, I would like to tell you that my experience has been smooth, but unfortunately since posting originally, the problems have persisted. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Reception doesnt seem to be the issue. Hard resets dont make any difference. Its rather unpredictable.

    The only assumption I can make is that its something on their end. Of late it actually HAS been working (in fact just tried mine again 2 minutes ago and it works!) – QUICK, try yours!

    Anyways – I DID receive a prompt reply from their tech support (although their recommendation really had no effect and it was simply time that resulted in it working again). However, you may want to send them a message.

    Here’s hoping for a more stable version of this to come out in the future. I wish I’d spend $5 on this, rather than $20. I just can’t be bothered to get my moola back.

  17. Ugh, I did try mine again and it is still not working. I was hoping for a little something. LOL! I hear ya, 5 bucks would have been better than 20. I did go to handango where I purchased it from, and asked them what I should do. I mentioned that I understood this was a common occurance with the program. Maybe they will offer a refund?? LOL, maybe wishful thinking is more like it….LOL!

  18. So in short you guys dont recommend pocketstreamer? Seems like it just causes premature gray hairs?

  19. Yeah, really! LOL! Actually I did get it working again, but we will see for how long.

  20. Seems like a serious pain in the … Reminds me of trying to get my windows mobile handset to work with my email

  21. My program is also stuck at the “loading stations”. I have asked Handango for a refund.

  22. product does not work well. it often lags too much for the programming to start. will handango refund this product?

  23. Denny,
    I know our store would so I am sure handango would do the same. Just be persistant

  24. Yeah, I have a Blackberry Curve and am having the same issue with pocketstreamer. . . loading stations. . . and it never moves. Its rediculous that they even list a program that is far from error free and then charge $21 for it.

  25. Don’t buy this. I installed it on my Curve and like others before me, when I select the app, it stalls on “loading stations”. Worse, when I try to uninstall, everything freezes… my laptop, by Curve, and when I restart, it’s still there. What a total waste.

  26. PocketStreamer – Streaming Radio for BlackBerry needs a lot of work. Customer support is not responsive so I thought investing $20 might not be a good idea. The trial version lags and cuts off when on incoming calls. I also experienced a problem with my internet connection. I think it is a good idea as I am really tired of monthly subscription fees, but they really need to do a lot of modifications for this program to function properly and better customer support is a must!

  27. I appreciate the original review, and the many comments regarding the issues this program is plagued. For these reasons, I won’t be purchasing this program and will continue to look for a suitable streaming program for the Curve.

    Many thanks!

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