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Where To Find Themes For Your BlackBerry – Version 2

We constantly get emails asking us where to find themes for BlackBerry devices. I tried helping out in August by posting the previous “Where to find themes for your BlackBerry” guide but the times have changed and the page needed to be updated.

I will do my best here to outline the major ones that I am aware of. If you have any to add feel free to comment on this post and I will make sure they are added to the list. (I’m not perfect. Ok? ) Some of the theme websites have a screwball concept called required donations and I will try to specify those below. In my humble opinion a required donation sounds like a paid theme.

First I would recommend you check out the BerryReview Themes Directory. There you will find all of the themes we have ever mentioned on BerryReview. Most of them are free but there are some paid ones. I will say that there are a ton of smaller websites that have a theme or two but most of them can be found in the directory below.

Free Themes:[Registration Req.] Forums Themes Section[Registration Req.] Themes Section[Registration Req.] Forums Themes Section[Registration Req.] [No OTA]

Both Free & Paid Themes: – [Registration Req. for both free & paid] (Donation required for some themes) (Donation required) (a few paid and free themes)

Paid Themes:

Last of all don’t forget that you can also unlock all of the other wireless carrier themes on your BlackBerry for free. For example if you have a AT&T BlackBerry it originally comes with only the AT&T theme. If you unlock the rest of the themes you will have access to others such as the Vodaphone, Verizon, & many more free high quality themes from RIM. You can catch the full details on how to unlock these themes by reading Rcbjr’s post on that we mentioned here.

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  1. themes4bb is the best out of that list imo

  2. Please remove from this list. That domain does not deserve recognition. is nothing more than a LEACH site; 90% of the themes that they have posted on the site are STOLEN from other theme website. They do not even have the decency to credit the authors of the themes!

    And thanks for props! will be hosting the LARGEST amount of themes in 2008. Currently we host more than 1000 themes!

    Thanks again!


  3. Please consider what Steve has mentioned above.

    As with, there is actually no registration required to download themes. Could you please change that? 🙂

  4. Thanks for the props! It looks like all the major players were covered, but I have to agree, Blackberryfreaks doesn’t deserve to be on the list. They post other authors themes without permission or recognition, and refuse to take down themes after requests by the authors. Boo.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, again, but posted that on PinStack, not BlackBerryForums. The original FAQ gave the correct information.

    Thanks again.

    Support Pro

  6. Sorry it took so long. Things are kind of hectic around here. I have everybody running like chickens without a head. Let me know if it looks right now.

  7. Thanks Ronen for updating the list.

    Thanks again for all your hard work with this site and with your reviews!


  8. Steve,
    Just trying to keep up to date 🙂
    The BlackBerry theme space is growing and many users are looking for a way to differentiate/pimp their device
    You are doing a wonderful job of meeting the demand. Personally I would like to see some more sports themes. I would not use them myself but people seem to really be in to them.

  9. A new place with some very very cool premium themes is . This guy have the cool Custom L theme avail for the 8320 with the wifi icon fix and etc. The CC is also awesome as I bought the Real iBerry Blocks from him and had trouble installing but was imediately replied to after my email to fix my problem. So if you want great cool looking themes with sharp crisp icons and professional look, this is the site to get some paid themes from.

  10. Its a shame that Jason is releasing unauthorized themes build on the BETA platform of the upcoming Plazmic Theme Builder. From what I hear from other beta testers, the beta is still “buggy” and could possibly damage your handheld if themes are installed incorrectly.

    give it a few weeks and themes like those will be available for free on sites all over.

  11. We have both free and premium themes at Blackberry Theme Park. Definitely nothing but original themes because I make most of them.

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