RANT! Why Many Airport Security Regulations Are Senseless

AirplaneAfter writing up about the new Lithium battery restrictions at airports I just had to pass along this great article I read last week on the New York Times Website. We got quite a few emails about the battery article so I can see there is an interest. I am not sure how many of your have heard about the FUD principle. The idea is that people use Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt to influence public opinion by appealing to their fears. This is exactly the principle that describes what has been going on at the TSA.

As a mobile professional I have been subjected to all of the stupid new regulations that have been implemented at airports in the US. Don’t get me wrong some of the reforms should have been implemented years ago but most of the ones that really bother mobile professionals are the most ridiculous. Things such as liquids on a plane and not carrying a plastic knife is just ridiculous. You could make a sharp object out of a hundred things on a plane! I am sure many of you have peered into the garbage bags where the TSA throws all of your favorite toys after they confiscate them. The question is if there is a purpose for your sacrificing your personal items.

All I can say is that if you are as annoyed by these measure as I am you should read this recent article on the New York Times Blog by Patrick Smith. It is a great piece and I really think more people should voice their outrage at this constant “security” annoyance every time you want to board a plane. America needs to stop trying to protect against something that has already happened and focus on how to truly improve security instead of arbitrary and senseless regulations based on hindsight.

Tell me what you think!

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