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How To: Fast Forward & Rewind Video/Audio In Small Increments

Beerfest[3]While playing around listening to some music and watching video on my BlackBerry 8310 I discovered something I had never known before. In my previous Rant! about the video options on the BlackBerry I mentioned my frustration about the fast forward and rewind increments on the BlackBerry media player. The default movement is in extremely large increments that makes finding your place in a movie or TV show quite annoying.

Low and behold I found that if I held down the ALT key while moving forward or backward then the music/video moves forward in smaller 5 second increments. This is not the true answer to my Rant but it is a step in the right direction!

On a side note I also discovered that if you hit the SYM key while playing a video it will switch the interface from full screen to showing the control bar. Keep in mind the full screen option is not available on the 8800 but is on the 8300 series and the 8820 & 8830. 

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  1. Awesome. Thank you! Thank you!

    It has been such a pain trying to fast forward small increments. This has finally solved my problem. I am surprised it wasn’t documented anytwhere.

    Great Find!!

  2. Hum, the ALT key trick does not work for me at all. Tested 2 videos and 4 podcast episodes. No joy. The SYM key trick works.

  3. Glad you enjoy it Chip. It had been driving me insane for months!
    Luc what device are you trying it out on. I would be interested to see where it does not work. I tried it out on an 8830 and 8310 before I posted but I could not find any documentation about it.

  4. My phone is an 8300 Curve. (shrug)

  5. Echoing the thanks I was frustrated with this for a while. That’s what happens when you forget that “Google is your friend”

    BTW, works on the 8330 curve with Verizon(in case carrier is relevant).

  6. forgot to mention I have also have latest OS 4.5

  7. I noticed that if I scrolled up above the controls that the time track would highlight. I could scroll forward and backward thru the track. I then press the trackball to reposition it

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