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Cure Insomnia! No More BlackBerry Typing In Bed!

CrashedoutdogJust read a great article on about research done by the Edinburgh Sleep Centre. Turns out that one of the tricks to get a good night sleep it to keep away from your gadgets at least an hour before you hit the sack.

My answer to that is “Long Live Insomnia!” (just kidding) I can’t remember the last weekday where I didn’t cuddle up with my BlackBerry. I guess this solution is for the only slightly addicted BlackBerry user.

This has to be my favorite quote in the article:

“Checking your work emails before bed on any electronic device is essentially the equivalent to drinking a double espresso last thing at night,” said Dr Chris Idzikowski, of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre.

I guess I will have to keep on working with my old solution for insomnia. Work till you drop and hope you hit a pillow

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  1. What nonsense. I fall sound asleep while reading or writing stuff in my Blackberry quite f reqque

  2. I find it stops me from getting out of bed. Now I just wish it had better snooze options for the alarm 🙂 I always hated the fact that you can only set 1 snooze option

  3. I agree with luc. In fact, playing with my bb is often one of the few things that helps with my (bb) insomnia.

  4. Its good to hear that I am not the only one. It seems like every week they come up with a new reason why BlackBerrys are bad for you and every week I just find their reasoning funnier and their logic faulty. I wonder if any of the doctors who performed this research were ever on call at a hospital. Soon they will be arguing beepers are a cause of insomnia 🙂

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