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Were Back! What Did You Get This Holiday Season?

Holidaysdsc_0725Christmas is over and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming (that is until new years ).

I have been noticing an influx of requests from new BlackBerry users this past week or two. It seems that many people got a new BlackBerry device this holiday season. I personally did not get any new BlackBerry accessories this holiday but I did get a Wii which is awesome. I have been playing Mario Galaxy and Guitar hero since I got it.

So I have to ask, what did you get this holiday?

I am curious to see how many people got hot items from our BlackBerry Holiday Gift Guide

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  1. I got myself a couple of extra batteries and a charger… but they ain’t here yet. 🙁 I live sort of… far away. In a very distant land.

  2. I always wanted to get an extra battery but the 2 minute boot up time always killed the idea in my mind. I really never understood why the BlackBerry needs to take as long as Vista to startup. Maybe we should ask for linux on BlackBerry 🙂

  3. Even with the gruesome boot time, an extra battery would have saved the day on a small trip I took recently.
    I took 280 pictures, no less. By 4pm, I realized I wouldn’t have enough power for the entire day and walked around holding the phone against my holster – check this out – just to make the screen turn off faster and save a little power. How ridiculous is that? At 4:45pm, I decided not to take pictures anymore because I only had 20% left and you probably know that the phone turns off at 15%, even if that 15% is enough for more than 3 hours of MP3 (try it if you don’t believe me). I was going to meet a friend afterwards, and if the phone died, we would have no communication. So I couldn’t take all the pictures I wanted, and I also had to stand on a line for 1 entire hour and couldn’t even listen to music because I was afraid of burning up that last 5% and losing the phone feature.
    These batteries are pretty thin. If I had taken an extra one in my pocket, I would have had a much more pleasant day.

  4. Yeah I got pissed off about the cellphone connection shutting down after 30% battery life! My old 8800 used to just turn all connections off when it got down below 30%. My 8310 only shuts down after 20 or 15% but still at least give users the option to turn it back on. It is almost like the last few percents are useless.

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