BlackBerry US Headquarters Now In Las Colinas

I read this article on yesterday and the first question that came to my mind was “Where in the world is Las Colinas?” I afterwards realized Las Colinas is in Texas (Geography-lapse moment). It seems like RIM has finally decided to setup shop this side of the border with this new location. They will be sharing the area with Sprint which may lead to some newer devices .

Jim Balsillie was quoted as saying that this new location was perfect because it has room for expansion. I guess RIM is hoping for some serious growth. Balsillie also mentioned that the location was prime because of the proximity to Mexico and South Latin America. The thing that always surprises me is that RIM’s PR firm does a terrible job of releasing timely press releases. They still have not released any mention of the new facility to confirm its existence. It usually takes them 3–4 days after the fact to release which is just annoying.

I guess it is a good time to live in Los Colinas since RIM will be bringing 1,000 jobs along with this new location. Training has just started for the first wave of employees and the office is set to open next week.

Hopefully RIM will use this location to house a new redundant data center to deal with all these recent BIS outages. I guess the only thing to do next is to plan a road trip!

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