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Wolfe Calls “BS” On Consumer Reports Rating Of BlackBerrys

Gods-must-be-crazyAlexander Wolfe of InformationWeek has written a great editorial on the recent comparison Consumer Reports did on smartphones. His claim is that Consumer Reports has rated the BlackBerry completely out of sync with reality. The BlackBerry is rated #7 in the full list of smartphone ratings way below the Windows Mobile devices such as the Q, Treo, and BlackJack. It is also below the iPhone. The Consumer Reports article is not online but Wolfe linked to the Daily News summary.

I completely agree with Wolfe and was also surprised when I read the article in my copy of Consumer Reports. It is just shocking that such buggy devices as the BlackJack and the Q get higher ratings than any other BlackBerry device. To quote the tag line of the most recent copy of Fortune Magazine “What were these guys smoking?”. Seriously how can the BlackBerry be rated below the iPhone, Palm Treo 755P, Samsung Blackjack, Motorola Q, and the Treo 680. If you have ever used a Windows Mobile device you will understand what I mean. Just read Greg’s editorial on preaching to the converted and see what frustration comes with a WM device.

To sum it all up I have to quote Wolfe:

I defy anyone to prove that BlackBerrys aren’t a better deal. They’re almost always cheaper, they always work, and you don’t have to worry about your carrier or the manufacturing locking the thing up on you.

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  1. I’m glad that somebody else noticed this. Actually it seems that Consumer Reports is nearly always off when it comes to wireless phones AND wireless service. Seriously, I get customers all the time who come in and say that this phone or that phone was rated very well in Consumer Reports. Usually it’s an LG, which in my experience last about 12 mos. on average. Do some research for yourself, go look at some old articles, you’ll be amused.

  2. Sean,
    I agree. I was baffled when I read the consumer reports article. It made me ashamed to have a subscription. Who did this research already? You need to go no further than this article released recently to see:

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