Opinion: Preaching To The Converted – By Greg


Dear Readers,

I think I might have a problem. It all started about 12 months ago when, in a fit of frustration and rage, I threw my O2 Atom against a brick wall as I was subjected to yet another reset of the windows based device. With my tail between my legs I went down to my local mobile phone dealer to try and find something that would fit in with my lifestyle and live up to my rather high expectations. The dealer highly recommended the BlackBerry Pearl as I had previously owned every other mobile brand and style on the market. Following his advice, I reluctantly made the purchase. I returned it a couple of days later, rather un-happy with my new purchase and its limited capabilities. He then suggested I get it connected to a BIS system as this would increase its potential. I had used mobile email on windows devices but was not too impressed by it. I did what he suggested and my Pearl was instantly transformed into the most useful tool/toy I had ever owned.

Unfortunately the BlackBerry did not come with a warning. These things are ADDICTIVE! I could not get off it, at work; at home; at restaurants; in the shower (wrecked a few that way); in the car whilst driving (wrecked a few cars as well); in bed at 02:00 in the morning and even whilst on the toilet. No place is sacred as long as I have network. My beloved wife thought it would just be another one of my passing interests (as did I).

Its been over 12 months now and where am I ? …

I am writing just about daily on CrackBerry Australia. It started off by me posting the straight forward questions about how, what, where and why about everything BlackBerry. Now I’m on the other end of it all. I’m answering questions online and I even have other addicts emailing me directly to ask off the air questions regarding everything ranging from device issues to aftermarket application software problems. And as you all well know, BerryReview have given me a shot as well. I feel totally honored to be able to write here (Thanks Ed!) and, if you hadn’t all guessed, I have never really written before.(Absolutely hated writing in high school). But I’m loving it now (my English teacher would be so proud ; apart from the spelling mistakes)

Where to next ?… Well I’m really enjoying writing for you all and, as long as you still enjoying reading my articles, I will keep going for as long as I’m needed/wanted.

And the BlackBerry addiction, unfortunately (fortunately) it is worse than ever. I’ve got 5 devices and counting… more software and accessories that I can count and taking up a Biiiigggg slice of my free time. So I guess everything is Sweet…

So if your better half thinks you have a Crack problem, just print up this article and show it to them… It should get you out of the doghouse for a few days anyway….


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