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How To: Guide On How To Clean BlackBerry Trackball

Blackberry_trackballEven has posted a great guide on BlackBerryforums on how to clean your BlackBerry trackball. This may interest many users including me since mine is already black from dirt and grime. The guide requires you to get down and dirty with your device with a screwdriver and a “spudger” (not sure what that is) so this may not be for the faint of heart.

Personally I actually like the feel of the trackball better when it is dirty since it gives better feedback . If your crazy about cleanliness or just want your device to look like new check out his guide at this link. You do need a few tools to get the job done but nothing major. Keep in mind if you ruin anything this will most definitely void your warranty. Thanks Even!

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  1. Even cracks me up. “Then the trackball want get any grip for rolling friction, and you’re basically screwed…also be aware of clammy/greasy/wet fingers and pocket dust. A combo of these makes the trackball defect. So wash your hands boy!”
    Here you go Curve pilots:
    Use a finger nail to get the ring off. Drop the assembly in your mit. Spray the heck out of it with windex. Be sure and depress trackball so it gets down in there. Roll the trackball around thoroughly. Flex the ends of each roller with a fingernail between it and the housing. Roll the trackball around some more, and depress it a few times, getting moiture out the bottom.
    Take a can of compressed air and shoot it all around the assembly, then into aperature. Clean around edge of aperature where crud builds up at bottom of screen.
    Let assembly dry an hour. Wipe bottom contact with dry lint free cloth.
    Positioning white hangers on assembly to your left and right, drop into aperature. Position three prongs on ring and gently press back into position.
    Trackball will roll like new.
    For professional intruction on minor or major rehab, or to by a new assembly for $12.99 here in the U.S.

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