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Update: Sandisk 8GB MicroSDHC Cards Now Available

SanDisk8gbcardSanDisk has given us BlackBerry addicts another reason to cry this holiday season. I have started to see some retail chains such as J&R starting to carry the SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC cards for a whopping $149.99. These cards do not seem to be compatible out of the box with current BlackBerry devices but I don’t have an 8130 OS 4.3 to try it out on so I can’t be sure. I really wish RIM would get their act together when it comes to supporting these cards. Imagine having the same 8GB storage available to the iPhone on your BlackBerry. UPDATE: I just received an email by a reader Paul about a thread on BlackBerryForums where 8130 users are confirming that the 8GB cards work like a charm on the new BlackBerry 8130 Pearl.

I currently own a 6GB SanDisk card that I have tried to get to work on my BlackBerry 8310. I have been having a little bit of luck but mostly it is a failed prospect. Currently it is just sitting on a shelf gathering dust . It is promising that these new high capacity cards are available. It used to be that sizes over 4GB were only theoretical a few months ago. Hopefully SanDisk will continue cramming more storage into these tiny cards. Maybe next year we can announce the availability of 32GB cards!

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  1. The reason your 6gb microSD card is gathering dust is that the 4.2 OS only currently recognizes up to 4gb. The 4.3 OS definately supports up to 8gb and I have heard rumors that it supports all the way up to 32gb. The 8130 has a 4.3 OS so that’s why the 8gb works.

  2. Thanks for the update! I am just waiting for OS 4.3 but I cannot sacrifice the full keyboard on my curve. It is just a shame to let the 6GB go to waste. I have heard rumors of people getting it to work on the Curve but it involves many different workarounds.

  3. Ronen,
    the workaround for getting the 6gb to work on the Curve or any other 4.2 OS doesn’t really work. It involves a) not formating the card at all and manually creating the folder structure. Alternately you can format the card via a PC and then again manually create the folder structure. The card will work but as soon as 4gb is stored, the additional space isn’t recognized. It all comes back to 4.2. I hope RIM releases a 4.2 update that overcomes this limitation.

  4. Does anyone know if this card will work corectly with my HP iPaq 514 running on Windows mobile 6 ?

  5. BlackBeard thanks for clearing that up. I kept on getting a spark of hope but I ended up just giving it to a friend yesterday as a gift.

    Soha I am not sure if the 8GB card is supported by your device but my friend just put the 6GB card into his Motorola Q9 (Which uses WM6) and it worked like a charm.

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