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How To: Edit/Fix ID3 Tags & Add Album Art For Free

Mp3tagscreenshotWe have had quite a few requests from reader (the latest being from Delia) about editing their MP3 tags and album art for their BlackBerry. By editing and fixing your tags you will be able to use the album, artist, and genre filtering built into the BlackBerry Media/MP3 player. It will also let you fix all of the weird MP3 information you may see when you play your MP3’s.

The first thing you need to understand is that the information about your MP3 file is stored in something called an ID3 tag (Read more about ID3 here on Wikipedia). It stores such information as the name of the song, artist, album, date, album art, track #, an quite a bit more. There are a few different versions of ID3 tags but there is one free application that I use to manage and clean up my ID3 tags.

The application is called Mp3tag (very original) and does a great job of letting you edit your ID3 tags. The software is completely free but if you use it I would urge you to donate a few dollars to support their hard work. I wont go in-depth on how to perform the edits but Mp3tag allows you to do quite a few things to your MP3 files. You can also automatically gather tag information for some files by using their Amazon and Freedb query tool to search for the correct album art and tags.

If you are like me and frustrated by a disorganized Mp3 collection or just jealous of the album art on your friends iPod this may be the solution for you. Another solution would be to use the FlipSide MP3 player for BlackBerry which has an option to download the album art from your BlackBerry but it only works about 50% of the time and it seems to be only used by Flipside.

You can download Mp3tag at this link for free and browse the forums if you need any help. If you are looking for something specific we would be glad to help since covering the whole Mp3tag application feature set in one “How To” would be difficult and quite tedious.

I will make mention of a great commercial application that is widely used called Tag&Rename that many people love but costs $29.95. It has a nice interface but does more or less the same thing as what Mp3tag does for free. I know there are hundreds of ID3 tag editors out there (many of which I can name off the top of my head) so please don’t take it the wrong way if yours is not mentioned here.  Maybe RIM will help us out in a new version of Roxio or by letting you do it directly from the BlackBerry media player.

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  1. Gonna give it a shot. Thanks for sharing. I used tag&rename before, but it just costs too much

  2. Hope it helps. You had to see what bad shape my MP3 collection was in. Each file was named by a different standard and half of them did not have any ID3 tags. I wish somebody would come up with a MusicID equivalent that just automatically detected the name of the song…

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