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FAQ: How To Convert Video For Your BlackBerry For Free!

I have been asked countless times about how to encode video to play correctly on a BlackBerry. So I decided to write up a post with a short description of the 2 free pieces of software I use to re-encode video to play on my BlackBerry 8310 Curve. There are other commercial video encoders but personally I always try to use free software alternatives. On the other hand the commercial video encoders will do a better job of holding your hand through the conversion process and simplifying the work.


The most popular software  is SUPER (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer). The software is completely free and does a great job of encoding video. It is basically a GUI for ffmpeg, MEncoder, mplayer, x264, and quite a few other plugins. The software is simple to use but you do need some help in choosing what format to encode the video into. SUPER is very quick and the unique part about this encoder is that you do not need to install any codecs or anything because they are all included in the package.

These are the settings I use for SUPER:

Output format – MPEG4
Video Scale Size – 320×240 or 240×260 for the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
Output Audio Codec – AAC
Output Video Codec – MPEG-4
Bitrate – 384 kbps
Frame Rate – 25 fps

You can download SUPER at this link


The second encoder I sometimes use is called MediaCoder which is also free. This software also includes the codecs and has a very good batch mode for converting multiple files in a row. I use MediaCoder mostly when I have videos that have issues or problems with SUPER. It has a better error correction system but does not work as fast in my opinion. The support for MediaCoder is phenomenal and their forums can answer just about any question.

The settings I use for MediaCoder are:

Output Format – MPEG4
Video Size – 320×240 or 240×260 for the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
Video Bitrate – 400K
Audio Codec – MP3
Audio Bitrate – 48K at 22khz or 44khz (Personally 22Khz works fine)
Video Frame Rate – 30fps works fine but 24fps seems to be faster

You can download MediaCoder at this link

Let me know what software or settings you guys use!


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  1. SUPER and MediaCoder are great programs, the only problem I ever had with SUPER was that alot of times when encoding a file it would cause the audio to go out of sync, personally I use Ultra Mobile 3GP converter, it’s NOT a free program but it works wonders for me.

  2. I will have to try that. What settings do you use for Ultra Mobile 3GP converter?

  3. I’ve had the same audio video sync issues and gave up on Super a while ago. Actually since I have a Verizon 8830 complete with crippled video playback (thanks Verizon Vcast) I gave up all video.

    I’m trying MediaCoder 0.6.0 build 3905 and can’t figure out where to put in the setting you list above. There doesn’t seem to be a single place where all the settings are set…unless I’m missing something. Can you do screenshots for us. Thanks.

  4. BlackBerry Beard,
    I like the name 🙂
    I also ran into the audio sync issues with SUPER but it does the conversions in half the time of any other app I have tried. If I have problems with SUPER than I use MediaCoder. I will try to whip together a MediaCoder screenshot for you but I think you just need to fiddle around with the settings.
    If you really want to see why I rant about video on BlackBerry:

  5. If you are having troubles converting videos that work for Verizon devices, I would try this guide:

    Should also work for other carriers. Nice, smooth playback and I haven’t had any sync issues.

  6. Tried Mediacoder but every time tried to play the converted video, BB 8830 would shut down.

  7. Download youtube videos direct to your PC, iPod, PSP, iPhone, Mobile, Mac..etc for free.. Its fast


    Convert to more popular format like .WMV .MOV, .MP4, .3GP, .MP3 etc

  8. I just got a 8220 flip pearl , im wondering if there is a way to flip the video so i can watch it on a more correct sized screen. im trying to encode it with settings for the 8300 which has appx same screen dimensions but well see

  9. does this same thing work for the pearl 8110

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