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FAQ: How To Install A .COD File OTA (Over The Air)

Have you ever gotten the dreaded error: “No additional applications designed for your device were found” even when you know that the application is designed for your device? I ran into this same exact issue and I have finally come up with a work around. The steps take a little finesse but they get the job done.

When I was searching I noticed that most people focus on the problem of converting JAR and JAD files to COD files but not the other way around. So I decided to reverse engineer a .JAD file so that I could install my .COD file OTA.

NOTE: There are two requirements for such a solution. 1) You need to have a website where you can upload the .COD and .JAD files to. 2) You need to be able to change MIME types or be able to upload a .htaccess file to the same directory. About 99% of web hosting companies will allow you to do both of these requirements so I will leave it at that. If you need help with the mime types send me an email using the contact us link at the top of the page. I have included sample .htaccess files and .Jar files below for your convenience.

Difficulty: Intermediate BlackBerry users should be able to follow the directions below. This will make no sense to a newbie but if you email us we can try to help.

Steps by step directions:

  1. Find the .cod file you wish to install. You can install multiple ones if the application has more than one so don’t worry
  2. Create a text file in that directory (or use the sample supplied below) and copy the following text but replace the brackets and text inside them with your own info. The main thing you have to change is to put the name of the .cod file in the place where it says RIM-COD-URL. If there are multiple COD files just put each one on a separate line.
    • MIDlet-Name: [Whatever name you wish]
      MIDlet-Version: 3.8
      MIDlet-Vendor: [Whatever vendor name you wish]
      RIM-COD-URL: com_plazmic_theme.cod
      RIM-COD-Size: [just put any 5 or 6 digit number]
  3. You then have to rename the text file to ANYNAME.jad (NOTE you may need to change a setting in windows file explorer to be able to change the extension of a file)
  4. You then need to upload both files to a website you can access on your BlackBerry. You will also need to upload the .htaccess file below.
  5. You then browse to the web address of the .jad file and you will get the installation screen

Sample .htaccess file (Right click and select “save as”) to get the correct mime types. Just rename the file from 1.htaccess.txt to just plain .htaccess when you upload it.

Sample .jad file (Right click and select “save as”) Just change the information like I mentioned above and remove the .txt extension

Feel free to email us any questions using the contact us link at the top of the page 

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  1. Souns good man! It’s your gift for your birthday? =)

  2. Gotta love b-day gifts 🙂

  3. the following is from RIM Documents:

    Users can only download .jar files if they access the network using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (not a
    WAP gateway) and if Mobile Data Service is enabled. If using a WAP gateway, users must download a .cod file,
    unless a similar transcoder is implemented.

    so if using BES+MDS, we have to download .jar files?

  4. I am not sure what you are referring to Clonecase. Mind including a link? It works just fine on both my BES and BIS BB’s

  5. My app asks for mime types such as image/cis-cod if I try to download the COD from a web server with the htaccess file. If I download the JAD i get “Unsupported media type: application/octet-stream”

    Any thoughts? Looks like it needs a couple more entries into the htaccess file for mime types. But I’m not sure.

  6. There are only those 4 entries I put in the .txt file above. Did you make sure to rename the “htaccess.txt” file to just plain “.htaccess” once you uploaded it?

  7. Yes, I renamed it properly. IIS 5 web server.

  8. OOOOOH. Honestly I have never used IIS professionally. I do not think these instructions work with IIS because you have to set you MIME types differently.
    You may want to borrow a bit from the instructions

  9. Guys… trying a few things – but still no go.

    On linux server – BB gets jad ok – then errors with COD not found or 907 invalid COD [500 internal server error]

    Any other good guide that might help.. it REALLY should not be this difficult to deliver a OTA solution for BB


  10. Did you setup the .JAD file correctly? It needs to point to the correct .cod file. I ran into that a couple of times. Especially when editing the .jad file with Word which adds a bunch of characters to the file that will make it not work. Use textpad

  11. Hi all,

    Resolved this early AM this morning.

    1. ensure MIME types are installed and correct
    2. compile application with BB JDE [make sure version matches BB OS…]
    3. Certify using keys from BB [i use protected API]
    4. Isolate JAD / COD file. Rename COD to *.ZIP
    5. Open and extract COD files from *.zip. DO NOT RENAME ANY FILES
    6. Copy JAD [untouched] and ZIP to server in same folder
    7. Send URL link for JAD file to BB via SMS or email
    8. download and enjoy.

    I was using bog standard Linux server running Apache.

    This worked for me. Hope it helps.

  12. Glad to hear things worked out for your Mark. Can I ask what you are developing?

  13. Thanks Brett Mark!
    We’re wrapping up development and will be deploying OTA soon, this should help my team. We’re developing a lead generation tool for mobile marketing teams, that sends leads to a web service we built.

  14. We have developed a mobile conferencing application that runs on all platforms natively. The sad thing is.. BB caused us the most trouble but looks great.

    Anyway – after spending so much time searching for this without success, I wanted to ease the passage of others.


  15. Glad to hear things are working out Mark. Let me know when the app is ready for release

  16. Here is my jad file:

    Manifest-Version: 1.0
    MIDlet-Version: 0.0
    MIDlet-Jar-Size: 27515
    MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.1
    MIDlet-Jar-URL: MortCalc.jar
    RIM-MIDlet-Icon-1-1: images.png
    RIM-COD-Module-Dependencies: net_rim_cldc
    RIM-MIDlet-Flags-1: 0
    RIM-COD-Module-Name: MortCalc
    MIDlet-Name: MortCalc
    RIM-COD-Size: 15336
    RIM-COD-Creation-Time: 1202939277
    MIDlet-1: ,ChaseLogo1.png,
    RIM-COD-URL: MortCalc.cod
    MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
    MIDlet-Vendor: XXXX
    RIM-MIDlet-Icon-Count-1: 1

    I am using ASP.NET and IIS and I added all the MIME types that are suggested here in IIS. Still I am getting the error “907 Invalid Cod”.

    Please suggest rectification.



  17. hi,
    create a jad file, then

    4. Isolate JAD / COD file. Rename COD to *.ZIP
    5. Open and extract COD files from *.zip. DO NOT RENAME ANY FILES. Repeat for each original cod file.
    6. Copy JAD [untouched] and ZIP files to server in same folder
    7. Send URL link for JAD file to BB via email
    8. download and enjoy.

  18. I’ve been scouring the net for a solution to this 907 error.

    I have 2 BB’s but the OTA install from the same website only works on one of them.

    8700 – I get the 907 error
    8830 – It works

    I was able to install Google Mobile Map on both of them without problems.

    Any ideas?


  19. Any idea if this also works with a webserver running on Win XP and Xitami? The .htaccess part is not applicable then, so how to configure my wintel webserver for OTA installation?

  20. You just need to set the correct Mime types. Just search on how to set mime types in Xitami

  21. I set the MIME types in the xitami.cfg file. In the webserver logs it doesn’t report any errors. However when I click the .jad file my BB browser replies ‘Unsupported media type */*’. It actually gives the same message when I try to download a .xls on my blackberry.

    Could this because of wrong file associations in my BB device? It doesn’t make sense as I can succesfully download and install this .jad file on a other server:

    Any suggestions? Maybe a dummy .jad and .cod would help for testing purposes (the DOS or Unix mode when saving the edited .jad might be corrupting the .jad file?)

  22. I got it. It was indeed the mode causing the .jad file not being recognized. I’ve put a working .jad and .cod on my own Xitami webserver and these worked fine! Thanks for your help!

  23. For me it wasn’t a MIME problem. The 907 error was caused by JDE compiler incompatibilities. JDE 4.3 compiled working code for the 8830 only, and gave me a 907 on the 8700. JDE 4.1 compiled working code for both models.

  24. Pls help me get real football 2009 240*320 for my blackberry 7100t pls I need it

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