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BerryReview Mobile Editon Redesigned!!!

BRmobile[1]For quite awhile now we have been noticing increased traffic to the Mobile Version of BerryReview. We had gotten quite a few requests to add functionality to our mobile sites so we finally got out act together .

The newly redesigned mobile site allows you to do practically everything you can do on the desktop version of This means that you don’t have to make any sacrifices in reading the mobile version. This is also great for RSS readers such as Viigo which allow you to open the article in the browser. The “show in browser” option will now load the much faster mobile version of each article. If you are interested in checking it out just head on over to from your BlackBerry browser.

Read below for the complete list of changes:

  • Speed, Speed, Speed – If you have not noticed already BerryReview now loads in less than 2 seconds on a Broadband connection. The mobile site redesign now brings up a page in less than 5 seconds on an EDGE connection!
  • Mobile Comments – You can now comment on an article from your BlackBerry browser. (Thanks Jeff for
  • Automatic Redirect – You are now redirected to the mobile site when you visit from your BlackBerry. No extra steps required
  • Exit Mobile Edition Option – There is also a link on the bottom of each page to exit the mobile edition of BerryReview. (Quite a few people asked for this!)
  • Mobile Search – You can now perform a mobile search of BerryReview from your BlackBerry (Just click the search link)
  • Login/Logout Functionality (BETA) – You can now login and register an account from the mobile website so that you can comment easily and have it remember your information.
  • RSS Link – There is now an RSS link on our mobile site so that you can easily view, subscribe, or copy our RSS URL. (Just look for the RSS image)
  • Pagination Of Articles – You can now browse back and forth through the pages of articles in the mobile edition. This was a long time coming. Sorry guys!
  • OTA Links – Justin has been nice enough to compile a list of OTA links to some of the most common BlackBerry software. (Click the OTA link on the top menu)
  • Related Articles – At the bottom of each mobile article are a few links to related articles we think may interest you.
  • Subscribe To Comments – You can now subscribe to comments from your BlackBerry
  • Previous & Next Article – Yeah I know this should have been in the first version. Now you can now use the links on the bottom and top of each article to navigate to the next or previous article.
  • Contact BerryReview – You can now contact BerryReview from your BlackBerry. I know this is not a big revolution but sometimes you just want some friendly BlackBerry advice. (Use the contact link in the top menu)

Thanks to all of you who provided the insight into what needed to be added to the mobile edition. You know who you are . Also thanks to Alex King who created the WordPress plugin that we based the mobile edition on. We hacked quite a few options into the plugin to get the final result you see today.

ENJOY and let us now if you run into any bugs!

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  1. I think the old look was better. I liked how the assortment of colors made it all more pleasant somehow. Now everything is too white. The whole new site functionality is great, though.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I am actually currently working on the CSS file for the mobile site to make it a little more visually appealing. The functionality was key. Many readers were reading the RSS feeds in Viigo but if they wanted to read the whole article or comment they had to load the full version in their browser. As always it is a work in progress but thanks for the feedback!

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