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Review: REXwireless ToDoMatrix Task Management Application

tmx-f4.pngReview: REXwireless ToDoMatrix
[rating:6:10] 6/10
Cost: $59.95-$99.98
As the old saying goes,”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. This has got to be one of the most complicated programs I have ever used. If you are after a To Do list with all the bells and whistles this may be right on target. The software is a complete task manager but the level of complexity required to create even one task is daunting. Imagine spending 3 minutes creating a reminder for an activity that takes less than a minute. Read on for the full review…

  • Link:
  • Version: 2007.09.13.42 tmx
  • Price: $59.95 : ToDoMatrix + 6 months Rexdesktop service for free. (inc 15 months of software upgrades)
  • Price: $82.75 : ToDoMatrix + 18 months Rexdesktop service. (5% savings on RexD/T, 18 months software upgrades)
  • Price: $99.98 : ToDoMatrix + 30 months Rexdesktop service. (16.6% savings on RexD/T, 30 months software upgrades)
  • Rating: 6/10
  • Trial Version available.

OK, so you think the pricing is complicated…well you should try and use this program for everyday use. I am quite a fan of the standard Tasks application that comes with the BlackBerry and tend to use it all of the time.(I don’t know whether this is because of old age or the consequences of a mis-spent youth). I will use the Tasks application for everything from remembering to phone/email a friend to getting a review completed on time. With its simple interface and quick to set format, I find myself setting reminder notes whenever and wherever I think of them – even when driving on the freeway doing 70 Mph (not recommended): but when you get used to using an application it becomes second nature.

With ToDoMatrix however you have quite a large amount of information to input just to write yourself a simple reminder.

tmx-f2.png tmx-f3.png

Even setting the prior alarm reminder can be a task that requires a 4 year university degree in programming. The good part though is that if you have the time and patience to program in all of your tasks into ToDoMatrix then you will have all the information you require in one application. Another handy item is the ability to email your ToDo’s to out so getting your updated schedule to your secretary has never been easier.

tmx-f4.pngtmx-f5.png tmx-f6.pngtmx-f9.png

You also have the ability to inject from tasks, emails or calender although you still need to fill out a fair bit of info to make keep ToDoMatrix happy.




This would suit a professional with a very busy schedule (and someone he/she can deligate the programming side to). For the normal user however it is a major overkill. As a famous Australian once said:”If your on a good thing, stick to it”. So in these words, if you use your Tasks application and are used to it then don’t change….

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  1. Thanks for the review. My thoughts exactly. I like that you can connect online to use it, but the price and the software is a bit complicated for a task manager.

    I’ve been looking for one but I haven’t found anything else that I really like. At least now I know the price. I can say I won’t be buying this software.


  2. I understand your point of view, but have to say that this program solves some of the major shortcomings of the “simple” task list programs. For managing multiple projects this program is terrific. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and bought it after 2 days due to its capability. One of the nice feature is the ability to use it for GTD, something that is very hard with the simple task lists. Also, creating templates makes task entry very fast, while still allowing you to keep organized. I use a capture folder to enter all tasks, and cna then organize them during a free minute later. I would also recommend IdeaMatrix for similar reasons. It is such a huge improvement over the memo pad.

  3. I think that this review really missed the mark. This is a 9 star (minimum) application.

    For anyone that is serious about task management so that no ball is dropped while juggling a complex life, there is no software that does as good a job as todoMatrix – Nothing even close. I have tried nearly everything – not only on Blackberry but on Palm and Winmobile too.

    The review is correct that using this highly capable package takes sometime to get used to – maybe a week – but I disagree with the basic tone that it is too complex. This package grows with a person’s needs – you can start out relatively simply and add more tracking as you need it.

    I would strongly recommend people try it for themselves. There is an excellent white paper on that is a must read. But if you are like me, with a busy life (I’m a realtor with a 5 member team, 50+ listings to juggle, 30 buyers at any given time, few personal rental properties, and two kids), todoMatrix is a life-saver!

  4. Capri,
    As the last parting comment of my review reads, “This would suit a professional with a very busy schedule”.
    I appreciate that you are one of these professionals but I am reviewing for the wider BlackBerry community. I will stand by my comments as this program is overkill for standard use and I am sure there are other programs out there that do a good job but at only a fraction of the price.
    However, I love ‘Free Speech’ and can totally see your point of view 🙂
    Kindest Regards
    Greg Myers

  5. I have used todo matrix for at least a year. It does so much more than other tasking programs do and the customer service is great. The software is a bit pricey, yes. You don’t have to be a professional to use this software on a daily basis. Only a true simpleton would label this program as overkill and wine about all of its features.

  6. Rahsaan,
    I am glad to see that you are using the product to its fullest.
    Yes, you can use this product as a Task manager for daily use but for the short, quick to set reminders, it usually takes over 3 minutes to set up, where as on the standard Task manager you can usually set a reminder in about 30 seconds…This was the point I was trying to make in the review…
    Now, “A Simpleton”, well you hit the nail right on the head there… I stay up just about every night reviewing products for no pay…
    Obviously the concept of free speech is a concept for which you are yet to grasp…

  7. I disagree with the comment that “there is no software that does as good a job as todoMatrix”. In fact, Pocket Informant for Windows Mobile — which is coming soon for Blackberry — is a much more intuitive, powerful, easy to use solution for juggling multiple priorities and projects. ToDoMatrix, as the reviewer noted, has several *major* shortcomings:

    1. Learning curve
    2. NO integration with Outlook native applications or task list… this is the BIG drawback to the program
    3. Lack of flexibility in fonts, display modes, and other features — you have to work with what RexWireless gives you since there is not very much customization. The font thing is really annoying — could they have used a worse font? I don’t think so.
    4. Time for data entry. If you spend that much time entering your tasks, you are spending a lot of time not getting them done. When you have a program that integrates with Outlook, a lot of the data entry effort — and synchronization — is done for you.
    5. Reliance on a subscription model. Who wants to shell out money on an annual basis for them to peer over your shoulder?
    6. Prohibitive cost for personal use. It’d be great if I owned my own real estate company and could expense / write off my software purchases as a business expense. But I can’t.

    Personally, I am using BBTask Pro combined with the reminder feature of the native Tasks app in the Blackberry — along with Outlook on my laptop — to manage my tasks and projects and to implement GTD. It’s not perfect, but it has served me fairly well so far. What I am really, really waiting for is the release of Pocket Informant for the Blackberry.

    I deleted the ToDoMatrix software within a week of installing it. I would personally give it about 5 stars.

  8. I’m sorry, but anyone who takes 3 minutes to set-up a simple reminder in ToDoMatrix is either doing something wrong, or isn’t qualified to be reviewing software. It takes 10 seconds at most to do a simple reminder.

    The beauty of the TDM is that you can configure it to accommodate the most complex or most simple task management system that one wishes to work with. If all you want is a simple To Do list, TDM handles that very well — just configure it so that the bells and whistles you don’t need aren’t on the task entry screen. As you grow comfortable with it, or wish to explore its other features, you can add them in bit-by-bit according to your own level of comfort.

    If you work with GTD, TDM can accommodate it nicely. Prefer Covey’s system of quadrants? TDM does it. Or go your own way and combine the two. TDM can handle it.

    Some of the gripes people have mentioned here have already been fixed (i.e. font management.) Other fixes coming soon according to the authors, such as the ability to sync with Outlook.

    One critical point I must also comment on is the absolutely quick and courtesy customer service and technical support provided by RexWireless. I have contact them on questions – both simple and complete – and have received answers within an hour or two at most.

    I would advise anyone interested in an outstanding task management system for Blackberry (that comes with the ability to access and manage your tasks via a web interface as well) to invest a few days in giving ToDoMatrix a good trial and judge for yourself. Unfortunately, the review given to the program is contradictory to what many other credible reviewers have written about ToDoMatrix. I think it’s a given that most reviewers accurately recognize ToDoMatrix to be the most advanced and complete task management system available for the Blackberry today.

  9. Hi Alan,
    Ok, point taken… Glad to hear that ToDoMatrix suits you and REXWireless is good to deal with.(OtterBox are equally similar with regards to their customer service).
    Third line of the first paragraph says it all…”If you are after a To Do list with all the bells and whistles this may be right on target.”
    I’m not a huge fan of ‘Matrix’ type viewers on mobile devices but I suppose that could be considered personal opinion…
    But yes, I would encourage anyone looking for this type of software to use it on a trial basis and judge for yourself.
    Thanks Again,
    Greg Myers

  10. To Do Matrix is one of the finest organizing programs. I am from Mexico, so please excuse my english. I have use almost all of the standard to do´s programs that came with smartphones….TREO 650, 700P, 755P, and now 8830 WE. I have use all my professional life Franklin Covey Agendas and if you are planning to eliminate the use of paper based agenda within the Covey system, this is the right software for you. If you are into the GTD, this is exactly what you need. With a messenger, a mail and a program like this you can be anywhere you want (working of course at the same time).

    If you dont get serious about understanding this program and using it focused on what you really need, you will probably think that is expensive, difficult to use, and complicated to understand. Other wise, if you want to organize in all the aspects of your life, you will find it not expensive and very usefull and you will get rid of mind stress in a very sofisticated way (ironic uhh). This software is for people with no much of responsabilities and for people with a strong and wide respnsabilities, not for the price or the interface but for the way it handle concepts of a well organized person or team or company.

    Finally. I am talking by my self, so to every one: the best organizing program is the one that you like and the one that is usefull to you!!!

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