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Unyverse – Free Mobile Wiki Platform For BlackBerry

UnyversepearlI just got an email about an interesting new program for BlackBerry devices. The program is Unyverse and is in public beta (This whole beta thing is getting old quickly). I have installed it on my phone and it does seem to have some interesting features but I am still dumbfounded as to why I would actually use it. The interface actually reminds me of the iPod interface without the scrolling/fade effect.

If your interested in trying it out and reporting back I would greatly appreciated. I am just plain confused with all the submenus. It seems to be a product that does many things but none of them are simple . For example it has a built in RSS reader but you need to go through 5 different menus before you get to the articles…

Product Website:
OTA Download: From your BB Browser
DM Download:

Here is a brief description of what you can do with Unyverse from their website:

  • Send info quickly from your desktop to your phone
    You are sitting at your desk and have to leave within two minutes to meet someone. You are in a rush and need to take the contact’s mobile phone number and directions to the meeting place along with you. In a few clicks from your desktop, you can copy and paste the info into a new contact using the Unyverse Contacts wiki, and it becomes instantly available on your phone the next time you connect to Unyverse.
  • Make sure you don’t lose all the data stored in your phone when you change phones
    You’ve entered lots of important contacts in your phone’s address book, and you’ve gotten used to taking down notes and storing personal data. Now you’ve got a new phone and are wondering how to transfer all that stuff over… With Unyverse, you never have to worry about changing phones, as all your data is stored in your web account and will be downloaded to your new phone. Add the Contacts wiki yo your phone
  • Read info on your phone when you have a short break
    While you are waiting for someone, sitting on the bus or the train, or just have a half hour break, download the latest news feeds with the Unyverse RSS News wiki, to read on your phone.
  • Search a knowledge base from your phone when you’re having lunch with a friend
    In the middle of your conversation, a question comes up: “Hey! What was the name of that actor in the film Titanic “. Well, bring out your phone and go to Wikipedia in the Unyverse app, search the word: ‘Titanic’, and there – in a few seconds – is the answer to your question.
  • Send handy travel information to your mobile
    If you travel frequently you will find that the Unyverse Notebooks wiki is useful because you can conveniently copy and paste information from various emails on your desktop like flight bookings, hotel reservations and various other travel info. You then get all the info on your phone, without having to type in a single word on your phone’s tiny keyboard!
  • Communicate with a group of users anywhere anytime
    You’re an absolute fan of a soccer club. Start or join a Unyverse Wiki group of club fans like you, and connect to Unyverse on your mobile to keep in touch at all times with the latest news, discussions, opinions, rumors, comments, on players, matches,…
  • Keep a shopping list and download it when you’re in the shop
    With the Unyverse Shopping Lists wiki, your wife can create a list of groceries to buy on the home PC. When you find yourself in the shop, just connect to Unyverse on your phone to get the latest items that were entered by your wife.
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  1. I was not impressed with the Wikipedia search. It was unable to find 2 of the 3 words for which I searched.

    Hopefully it will improve over time.

  2. Thats what surprised me. All this build up and not much of a use. It seems like they spent quite a bit of time putting it all together but I just cant figure out why I would keep it installed?

    As I said…It does quite a few things but none of them warrant keeping it around to kill your battery

  3. This is a great app. I use the Notebooks app and it is very usefull because I can sync all my notes between my phone and my Unyverse web account.
    I like the shopping list app also.

  4. I use it for the Notebooks wiki. I often need to type down short pieces of info, things to remember, etc.. So I enter a note on my mobile, and I know it won’t be lost because it is synced back to my web account. The Contacts wiki is useful too, though I’m waiting for the function to import existing contacts from my phone address book.

  5. Thierry & Nat, It get suspicious when both of your comments are coming from the same IP. If you want to promote yourself just pay to be an advertiser 🙂

  6. Hahaha! Caught red-handed! 🙂

    I’m game for any new program for taking notes. I don’t like the native Notepad and IdeaMatrix is ugly clumsy overkill. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Unyverse looks pretty close, but it won’t work on a BIS connection. It requires direct TCP. They told me they were working on it, but then they didn’t get back to me anymore.

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