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Barcle Mobile – Compare Prices From Your BlackBerry

BarclelogoEver been standing in a store wondering if you could get the same product cheaper online or at another store?

I just found a great new mobile website that lets you search for an SKU or product name and get instant results including what the competition is charging for a product. Personally I have found that searching using the SKU is much better but you can also search by a product name such as a Canon SD1000.

The service is free but I found it interesting that even though it does allow you to compare prices it does not have links to the website where you can buy the product at that price. Hopefully that will be fixed in later upgrades. Personally I am waiting for Pricegrabber and Froogle to create mobile versions of their sites. There is also a desktop version of Barcle but it does not compare to Pricegrabber or Froogle.

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  1. I found this service after seeing it on the local NBC station here in Burlington VT(WPTZ). I didn’t buy anything off their site but I was able to knock 5 bucks off a toy for my son because Kmart Online had their price cheaper than in the store. They also had a company called Tirerack and I used Barcle to get the local Monroe store to knock $20 off the tires for my wife’s Caravan.

    I don’t mind Froogle but when I search for something I find I get a lot of knock-offs before the actual product I want.

    I’ll be using Barcle for all of my shopping.

  2. Yeah it is a killer bargaining website. I just wish it had a more official look when I am trying to convince salespeople to pricematch 🙂

  3. I used Barcle today and found entering the SKU very helpful. I knew I was getting this years model and not another version of the same product. Plus the UPC was fast to enter and I didn’t have to spell a lot of words to get the specific product (color, etc.).

    Plus I was able to buy through the Barcle link. Not sure why you couldn’t find the link. It was easy. I like their interface because it’s simple and clean design. Not a lot of muck to load.

  4. Yeah I think the SKU search is the key feature. If you search for the product name you sometimes get multiple versions of the same product but with the SKU’s the searches are dead on. I did not find links for some products like the Canon SD750 that I was searching for…

  5. I used this at Walmart and was pissed that Walmart’s prices didn’t come up! The DVD player I looked at wasnt cheaper elsewhere so I bought it at Walmart, but the XBox game for my step-son was cheaper at Target. Too bad Walmart I saved $10! My only complaint is the link to Target’s site from my mobile phone isn’t a mobile site.

  6. I used it on my Blackberry and it worked ok. Didn’t save any money with it but I knew that the Router I bought was cheapest at Best Buy. Circuit City and Office Depot was more expensive. Interface was a little slow I found but then again my signal strength wasnt that gr8.

  7. Just a note. None of these companies have Walmart. Not even Pricegrabber. I use Barcle to see if Walmart really has the lowest price by deduction.

    Corbin, I also like finding out on Barcle that I’ve got the lowest price on a product even if it’s in the store I’m in.

    I’ve used it at Macy’s on clothing too! Barcle is great 😉

  8. Yeah I did notice that Wallmart did not show up on the results. I find that Barcle really helps with the buyer remorse angle. If I know I am getting the best price I no longer have to worry about it 🙂 I really think somebody should make a plugin for Barcle that works with Beyond411. Does anybody know of one? If not I can ask the developer

  9. Barcle just posted a fun Holiday Greeting

    I have used Barcle now a number of times
    initially in store merchants are taken aback..but
    then they want to know how they could access and
    use Barcle as well…I guess even retailers like
    to save their own money and their own time.

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