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How I Make Dirt Cheap International Calls From My BlackBerry

3utelecomAfter posting about Packet8 I decided to share with you how I personally make cheap international calls from my BlackBerry. There is a service from 3utelecom for your cellphone that a friend of mine introduced me to that allows you to make cheap calls. There is no monthly fee so you only pay for what you use and their is no signup fee. Also their rates are only billed per second so you don’t have to pay for the whole minute .

The coolest part is how the service works. Once you register you just call 1-866-9-DIAL-3U from your cell and then dial the number you want. The service recognizes your caller ID so there is no pin code to input. The easiest way to set this up is to put 1-866-9-DIAL-3UppPHONENUMBER into your address book for each international number. The “p” in the number above are pauses which you can put into your BlackBerry by using the “N” key on your QWERTY keyboard or using the menu button and selecting “add pause” I recommend using 2 pauses since that is how long it takes 3u to pickup. You can have up to 4 different cellphones registered on each account which my wife uses for her cell.

Check out all the info at this link They have a convoluted sessions system that does not allow me to post links to pages. You can find more info if you click on the “Call From Your Cell” menu link on the left and you can signup by clicking the signup link on the left.

PS: If you sign up for the service and want to send some love free referral credits my way then please contact me using this form and I will give you my cell number to put in the referral field. (It is not something I want to post online)

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  1. You said it “One Second billing”
    But when I visit the website at 3utelecom. It actually charges by minute and more expensive than my Vonage.


  2. The prices are based on per minute prices but they actually only charge you a prorated charge per second. For example if a call to india costs 60cents you would only pay 1cent per second. Personally the charges are much lower than the unbelieveable prices AT&T wireless charges. They want 1$ for me to call london which is only pennies on 3utelecom

  3. sound like a good service, however they are asking for my SSN during registration??

    not a good idea give your credit card # your SSN # and address.

  4. They are a pretty big company which I have been using for over a year now. I remember now that they did ask for my SSN but I never gave it to them. In their FAQ they mention:

    What if I don’t want to provide my social security number?
    Just put “999999999” instead of your social security number in your application. Your name and address is usually enough for us to verify your identity and credit history if you have not moved recently. If we are not able to verify your credentials, we will contact you to request further documentation from you. The documentation can be submitted via fax in order not to delay the processing of your application.

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