BlackBerry Holiday Gift Guide & Gift Ideas 2007!!!

What To Buy A BlackBerry Addict? – I have been asked by quite a few friends and even my wife about what would be on a BlackBerry users wish list this holiday season. My response was to gather up everybody and compile the BlackBerry Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide . Below are the top 10 products we recommend this year in no particular order:


1) A new BlackBerry (Variable cost based on contract and carrier) – Us BlackBerry addicts love our toys so their is nothing better than a new toy to play with. RIM has graced us this year with a multitude of choices ranging from the new BlackBerry Pearl to the updated BlackBerry Curve models.


2) Bluetooth Headset ($41.99 – $89.95) – The top of the line headset is always something we BlackBerry users enjoy. Since the first BlackBerry was released with Bluetooth we have been flocking towards the latest and greatest. The latest top headsets are the sexy Aliph Jawbone and the super comfy Plantronics Voyager 510. (Even though the Plantronics Voyager 520 is out people seem to prefer the 510 hands down especially since it is half the price)

Read on for the rest of the top 10…


3) Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (A2DP) ($72.91 – $79.95) – When it comes to Bluetooth Headphones we have another tie. The difference is based on preference. Some people would rather have the Bluetooth built into the headphones like the Motorola MOTOROKR S9. Others like me prefer to use their high class Shure headphones with a A2DP adapter like the Sonorix C3 that clips onto your shirt. This works great with either Sony or Shure headphones that have a short cord before the extension.


4) In-ear Sound Isolating Headphones ($99.99 – $149.95 – $499 ) – As you can see there is a crazy price range when it comes to Shure headphones. Personally I swear by my Shure SE210’s but everybody is different. The low price model for as low as $99.99 for the SE110 but I would highly recommend the Shure SE210–K’s. For $149.95 they block out all of the noise in a crowded NYC subway car. If you really want to splurge there is the gold standard Shure SE530PTH that will silence even the biggest sound critic but cost an arm and a leg at $499.99.


5) A Gorgeous Case ($50 ~ $75) – When it comes to cases I can recommend 3 companies that are leading the pack.

  • Fortte CasesCurrently I am using a Fortte case that we reviewed here. I have nothing but recommendations for the lateral case but others might enjoy their other combinations. Fortte stresses functionality and the cases do not sacrifice function or style. Fortte also has more color, style, detail configuration options than any other case company.
  • Vaja CasesVaja cases are the Porshe equivalent of BlackBerry cases. They are all about style and functional lines. If you want people to look at you these cases are a definite must buy. They don’t have as many model lines as Fortte but their cases are just plain classy.
  • OtterBoxThe OtterBox is the standard by which rugged cases are measured. If you lead an active lifestyle (or just happen to drop your BlackBerry often) I would highly recommend one of these cases. You can see our review here.


6) BlackBerry 8800, 8300 Curve, & 8100 Pearl Powerstation ($75.97 -$99.99) – The BlackBerry Powerstation is a great addition to an office desk for every BlackBerry poweruser. The station will both charge your phone along with an extra battery. Personally I know a couple of people who would gladly enjoy one of these much awaited charging docks and the extra battery charger is useful for those long hauls.


7) Great BlackBerry Software (Any denomination) – If you have all the accessories the next best thing is the software that maximizes them. The easiest way to give such a gift is to get a gift certificate from Handango so that they can choose what they want. Handango has gift certificates ranging from $25 to $100 which can also be sent electronically and through regular mail. These are great last minute gifts. Sadly the other big BlackBerry shop, Mobihand, does not offer gift certificates but still has a great selection.

If you do not want to buy a gift certificate there are always the best sellers that all BlackBerry users will love such as the BBSmart HTML Email Viewer or some games from


8) A MicroSD Card ($25 -) – Anybody with a newer model BlackBerry understands the need for more storage. Many people already have one but if you don’t… Personally I consider 2GB a minimum. You can get a Kingston 2GB MicroSD card for $25 currently. Most users who have a BlackBerry 8300 series Curve can also use a Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC card which runs for $39.95 and comes with a USB card reader. Larger capacities up to 6GB may work on newer models such as the new 8130 Pearl 2 but I still have not heard a definitive report if it works without issues.


9) FM Transmitter ($39.99 – $46.06) – An FM transmitter is essential for listening to your BlackBerry music through your car stereo. (That is if your not lucky enough to have an auxiliary input jack ). The competition is pretty much neck in neck with each having its own problems. The cheap $19 dollar transmitters have terrible static so stay away from those. The two main competitors are:


10) Other Bluetooth Accessories (Varied Prices) – Bluetooth accessories are always a hit for mobile devices. Personally I would recommend the Freedom Universal Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry for $99.95. The keyboard is compact and perfect for people who want to be able to leave their laptop behind.

There is also another accessory that I have been dying to try out but I am sure would be a great stocking stuffer. Parrot has come out with a 7” and 3.5” Bluetooth Photo Viewer that would look amazing on any desk. The frame is compatible with all Bluetooth BlackBerry devices and comes in multiple colors. The 3.5” frame is going for $149.99 and the 7” variant is going for $239.99 on Parrot’s Online store. I also noticed that you can get the Black Salamander 3.5” frame for $110 on Amazon but it takes a few weeks to ship.

Conclusion: It is a great holiday season for BlackBerry users since there are more products than ever available. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or by using the contact form at this link. The prices posted above are mostly from (Their prices fluctuate) but they have the best product reviews.

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