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CrazykosherimageI would like to preface by stating that this service is only useful for Jews who keep kosher in NYC and the surrounding areas. A friend tipped me off to this new online food order website called The website allows you to order food from your BlackBerry browser with a mobile compatible version of their website. I personally would rather pick up the phone and order but I personally see this as the harbinger of more mobile friendly services coming out in the future.

What I truly found interesting was the fact that they even bothered to support mobile ordering in the first place. The titan of online food orders is and their website barely loads in the BlackBerry browser. The CrazyKosher website has a separate mobile version that is BlackBerry friendly. Hopefully will learn a few things from them.

Personally in my dream world Digby would make a deal with Seamlessweb to offer food orders from your BlackBerry. Imaging the possibilities… Right now I find Digby to have less appeal because their catalog lacks products that you would want to buy while out and about. For example why would you buy a copy of windows XP OEM edition from your BlackBerry?

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  1. That is cool! It doesnt seem like you have to be a Jew in NYC to order from them, it just happens to be that their site is currently catering towards that market. Many of the restaurants on their list happen to have good food and I have had great experiences ordering from them!

    Good job guys!

    P.S. – become a member on their site – they email out discounts to their members all the time (up to 20% off!)

  2. Thanks for the TIP Sam I just used it today!

  3. Ronen,

    Great! How was the experience? Where did you order from?


  4. I ordered from Kosher Delight. Worked like a charm and much better than

  5. Ronen, how did you order from Kosher Delight on That establishment is not listed when i typed in my zip!

  6. To be honest I found it the first time I browsed their site but I cannot seem to find it now. It is almost like their restaurant selection shrunk. For now I would recommend using or to order from Kosher Delight. Hopefully will get them online soon. The idea is brilliant but the execution has yet to mature.

  7. They are a very professional and technology savvy site. For example, the kosher restaurant order list they have gets automatically updated when certain products are not available for order – for example, in the morning or late nights.

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