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Free iLike Zen Theme For BlackBerry Curve – By m.a.t

IlikezenMat has released another theme this time loosly based on Mac OS X Leopard. The theme has some nice styling and is meant for BlackBerry 8300 devices running OS 4.2.2. Thanks again Mat!

Check out the links below:

Announcement: Link
Desktop Manager Download Link: iLike
OTA Download Link: iLike


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  1. Thanks for showcasing the theme guys! I’ve just posted another version that includes the NTWK indicator for those that need it and a Today version is coming soon.

  2. Hi,
    Could u create ilike theme for blackberry 8700

  3. Hey, Im new to this… and kinda unlearned in the phone world, but could someone give me a step by step way to get this on my Blackberrry Curve?

  4. Hey, could someone give me a step by step way to get this on my phone?

  5. Yeah Caleb just go to the OTA link above from your BlackBerry and the theme will install.
    Just for reference the link is:

    The easiest way is to just copy and email it to yourself 🙂

  6. dude, thank you so much! that rocks…

  7. Glad to hear you are enjoying.
    Check out the other free themes we showcased on BerryReview:

  8. Is there any way to get these besides using the internet on the phone?

  9. Yeah there usually is a desktop link for each theme. You need the BlackBerry desktop software to install using your computer.

    You can get this themes desktop install files at:

  10. love this theme for my 8300!!!!!! Thank you so much

    Any possibility of one being released for the BB pearl? Wife has one and would really love it.

  11. Jarrell,
    I would advise giving matt a holler at

  12. Has anyone else had the problem where the Wi-Fi logo on the today screen will sit OVER TOP of the battery meter? Is there a way to fix this?

  13. Sorry Jason I don’t have a WiFiBerry so I did not notice that. I was reading about it and I think m.a.t fixed it in the latest file available.

  14. I actually used Plazmic to move around the battery meter and re-exported the theme. Works like a charm! And his newest version doesn’t fix this… if anyone needs my modified version let me know and ill email it to you.

  15. Nice one Jason. Let me know if you need any help hosting it

  16. Here’s the links: The only mod I made of course was moving the battery meter down and to the left… hope it helps…

    Again this was modded SPECIFICIALLY FOR CURVE 8320 (T-MOBILE WITH WI-FI) 🙂

    Modified iLike Zen Theme for 8320:

    Modified iLike Today Theme for 8320:

  17. hey does anyone know how i can change the settings of my messages to theme controlled! this is the only thing thats bugging me.

  18. Do you mean this:

    Go into your Messages folder. Hit the menu key and then Options. Under ‘General Options’ at the bottom you wil find “SMS and Email Inboxes” by default it IS Theme Controlled.

    Hope that helps… best I can tell ya.

  19. Hi thanks jason! I tried that but the settings wont change.

  20. This is an awesome theme!! Very well made. Thanks for the time and effort you put into making it. My favorite theme and it was free!!

  21. can someone please email me the .thm file of this theme please??
    [email protected]

  22. Desktop Manager Download Link will not work; says the file does not exist. Please help!

  23. The Desktop wont work for me?
    Will just emailing the file work?

    If so please do
    [email protected]
    tittle it mac theme thankS!

  24. Awesome theme, thanks a lot! Very simple to apply by just auto-emailing the link to yourself.

    Thanks a million… looks great!

  25. The link for the Desktop Manager download is no longer working. This theme is amazing and I’d like to download it D:
    Please help?

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