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Anybody Get Sandisk 6GB MicroSDHC Card Working On Their BlackBerry?

Sandisksdhc6gbI have been hearing so many conflicting reports about whether this will work or not on the new BlackBerry 8310 curve. I just purchased the new Sandisk 6GB card to give it a try and will report back when I get them tomorrow or the day after. Even RIM seems to be a little confused as to what their devices support. In this knowledgebase article RIM says that OS 4.3 (which has not been released yet) is the only one that will support 4GB and 8GB cards. On the other hand there are multiple reports on BlackBerryForums about success stories with getting the 4GB cards to work with the 8300 Curve. There are also multiple threads about work arounds to “sort of” get support for the 6GB cards on the 8300 or 8800 but no word on the new 8310.

Anybody have any good news to share with me? I will be getting an 8310 tonight and the 4GB card is supposed to get to me tomorrow. I am hoping that they will work but I have serious doubts

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  1. Yes. 6gb working in my 8310. Currently have over 2gb on the card without any issues. let me know if you want me to get into how its done.

  2. Bill I would love to get a confirmation that the 6GB card works. I am sure other readers would be interested. Any chance you could get a screenshot? What did you have to do to get it to work?

  3. i will work on the screenshot. I’m on a BES with IT policy so I will need to have them approve the JDE program. In the meantime here is the procedure:
    The work around is a little bit of a pain. First format the card using a program called SDFormatter. Download it from Panasonic. This will give you the 6gb back. (if you formatted with the phone, you only get 2 gb.) When you put the card into your phone now, the phone will create the folders (blackberry, music, video, ringtones, pictures). Now you have to take the card out of the phone and use a usb card reader. Plug that reader into your computer and you can download to those folders. You then put the card back into your phone and you’re good to go.

  4. I have the 8310, but although the card was initially working (it displayed 5.6Gb free on the BB), as soon as I started copying stuff into the card (outside the \blackberry folder) it stopped being recognized, and now it’s pretty much useless 🙁

    Also… why i sthe card under the battery on the 8310???? This is stupid, what were the blackberry engineers thinking !!!!!????

  5. It’s generally down to the installed software on your blackberrys.
    The later the software version the higher capacity microsdhc card can be used.
    copy and use this link.

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