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FreeRange RSS Reader Version 2.2.8 Released

FreerangelogoI know many readers use FreeRange so I thought this may be of interest. Some users are still preferring the older version 2.2.6 but this version seems to have some nice enhancements. Thanks Luc-Movel for the heads up. To install go to from your BlackBerry browser.

Note: For Blackberry upgrading from version 2.2.6, it’s very important to uninstall the application first, before installing 2.2.8.

Check out the new updates below or the announcement here:


– Added the feed url to feed properties. This allows users to copy-paste urls.
– Added new option in “Settings -> Display -> Open links with”. You can choose the default, which is to choose each time, or to always go to the internal or external browser.
– Changed “Update this feed” so that it forces the server to go and look for updates. This is good news if you know a feed has changed and want to look at the absolutely newest version.
– Fixed Next/Previous bug that appeared when there was only one article in a feed
– Fixed lockup up bug if “Access Links” was selected in Full Story and there weren’t any links visible on the screen.
– Fixed bug encountered by user with Google Reader integration where Send and Delicious weren’t correctly handling negative article ids.
– Change Feeds and Articles view to scroll by line if “Scroll by page” is turned off.
– Added new setting in Display: “Enable ‘Access links’ always in Full Story”. This will force the app to start in “Access links” mode when viewing a full story.
– Reduced memory consumption when downloading data
– Added support for our new FavIcon loading mechanism. It’s much faster and more resource efficient.
– Switched the secondary question view items to be left-aligned instead of centered.
– Now in “Add Feed by Url”, you don’t have to enter the feed title
– Fixed a bug where full story was deleted only after both the later version and article itself was deleted. Before it would delete the full story if either of them were deleted.
– Fixed bug in Feeds view where naming folder 8830 and/or starting feed name with a single quote doesn’t display right
– Fixed up colors for some themes, especially the “Darkness” theme.
– Improved application performance slightly

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  1. The article already mentions the improvements Freerange has gotten, so I don’t have to go over those. That’s a relief, there’s too many of them! 🙂

    What got worse in the new version are a couple of details that are really small, but important to me. The most important thing was the ability to scroll line by line (rather than by pages) with the space key. Viigo doesn’t have that, and that is one of the many reasons why I can’t use Viigo for too long and end up going back to Freerange. But Freerange 2.2.8 seems to have lost that ability with most feeds. Not all of them, but many.

    I also miss the scroll bar on the side. It would tell me how far into the article I was: in the beginning, about halfway or close to the end. I don’t know why they decided to get rid of it.

    Well, I guess most people won’t care about these two details, especially in light of all the other improvements. I still think it’s the best RSS reader around, at least for the Blackberry.

  2. I agree Luc, Personally I wish the RSS readers out there could let you browse through rss feeds like you do emails. My big wish is that RIM comes out with RSS support in BIS that has its own push mailbox. I know I am dreaming…

  3. Push RSS! You’re a hopeless addict! 🙂

    Well, there’s always…

  4. I know it may sound crazy but I would think that it could be done. Just like other applications that can hijack emails from your blackberry inbox all you would need is an rssfwd kind of program that emailed you the rss feed and a program on your blackberry that took it out of your inbox into another application…..DREAMING!!!

  5. HeadlineHawk from RexWirless may be what your looking for. It isn’t intended for large numbers of RSS feeds, but you might look it over.

  6. Derby. I will give it a one over later… I tried it when it was released and it was just glacially slow.

  7. Hey, I had forgotten about this “thread”. Erm… this is not a forum, after all. 🙂 Anyway, Ronen wanted “push RSS”, and it just occurred to me that Newsgator Go gives you that. For free! They have a very thorough Web-based back-end that includes the option of downloading your feeds from a POP3 account. Not any POP3 account, Newsgator Go gives you a POP3 account when you sign up with them. Just include that mail account in your Blackberry mailbox list. There you go.

  8. I will have to check out that POP3 feature. That could be really cool… I really wish somebody would just use one of these RSS to email services and rebrand it into another application that automatically siphoned the emails into the appliciation to make it push RSS. Simple as Pie! 🙂

  9. Whoa, now you got my head spinning a little bit. I thought you wanted RSS feeds in your mail. You want the opposite? Mail via RSS? Is that correct? Why? How would that be better than The Blackberry Way?

  10. I WANT BOTH! 🙂
    If you ever used the facebook application you will understand what I mean. The facebook app does not have any separate PUSH functionality. All it does is hijack emails that come into your BlackBerry and import them into the application. This would be perfect as a way to import RSS emails into an application as PUSH…

  11. I agree Ron, I’m writing another review on version 2.2.9 soon, so we can post it here, several cool changes despite it being a beta version.

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