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FAQ: How To Use Smart Dialing On Your BlackBerry

BlackberrylogoforFAQI have introduced many BlackBerry users to the built in Smart Dialing feature that many of them were unfamiliar with. This feature is extremely useful for setting up your BlackBerry device to understand how to handle your companies phone system extensions. RIM has done us all a favor and explained the feature in detail in a recent Knowledgebase article. Check out the article if you have been having problems with dialing your companies internal extentions. Personally I love this feature since it lets me just put the persons extension as another work phone number.

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  1. My blackberry doesn’t have smart dialing in the options menu…
    where did it go, and can i download it again?
    I’m overseas and I cannot use any stored numbers since the area codes are all different than in the states… very frustrating…

  2. Ýou have a blackberry in Israel? Right on! What exactly isent working? I need a little bit more to help

  3. I set up smartdial for my area code. Now all calls are being dialed as long distance. The smartdial function key is no longer in the options menu. Where did it go and how do I update my smartdial? ~Jodi~

  4. I’m not sure if this question is specific related to smart dialing, but I definitely think that is one of the factors in my problem.

    I live in the Philippines. I bought my 8830WE from someone in the US. In smart dialing, I have the option to use “1” for national dialing. No way to change that to “0” which is the national dialing code here. This implies that the phone is configured for use in the US.

    The problem I have is this: It seems that the blackberry handles SMS and phone calls differently. When I receive an SMS, the number appears in as 0xxxxxxxxxx. But when I receive a call from the same number, it appears as +63xxxxxxxxxx. If I try to call the number from which I just received a text, I get an “invalid number” message. And If I try to text the number I just received a call from, it doesn’t go through. It appears that the blackberry handles sms and phone numbers differently.

    In addition, if I store the number in my address book as 0xxxxxxxxxx, the name will show up when I get a text, but not when I get a phone call. And if I store it in the other format, the name will show up when I get a call, but not when I get a text.

    My temporary fix is to store each number in both formats for every contact, using one as the mobile number, and one as Other.

    This should not be necessary, but I don’t know how else to handle it. I’ve searched the forums, and I can’t find anyone else with similar problems.

    Is it because I’m using a phone meant for US use? Or is it because I’m working in a screwed up country with an incompatible phone numbering system?

    By the way, another problem is that the area codes in different cities here have different lengths. In Manila the area code is 2. In other cities, the area code has 2 digits. And mobile phones use a 3 digit number which acts as an area code.

    Please offer any help you can!

  5. Michael…i am in the UK and have basically the same issue. My clients are receiving sms’s from contacts they have stored, but the BB displays ‘from +44blabla.’ when the contact is stored as ’07blabla’. By changing the contact to be ‘+44blabla’ the contact details are correctly displayed. But clients can not be expected to go into each of their contacts and change each number!!! That is rediculous!!!

  6. I’ve search the web also to find an answer to this ridiculous issue that other phones are handling well. I recently moved to Dubai and I started to get the problem of not getting the name on the phone when I was getting calls but sms would work fine, here the country code is +971, the national length is ?? for fix line it’s 9 digits (including leading 0), for mobile it’s 10 digits (including 10 digits), all my numbers are stored as either fix line +971 4 xxx xxxx or mobile +971 50 xxx xxxx.
    if someone is calling me locally from land line it will display 04 xxx xxxx (with leading 0) hence not matching the address book entry, but if they call me from mobile it’ll display +971 50 xxx xxxx which works well then
    so it looks like I have to reedit all the entries to have fix line entered as 04 xxx xxxx and all non fix line to be +971 50 xxx xxxx…..that would be fine except that I travel a lot…now when I’m outside UAE…. call from landline will appear as +971 4 xxx xxxx…not matching…this is crazy…my nokia or siemen has no problem displaying the right come???
    Any help on what are the settings to be set in ‘smart dialing’, what are the entries format for address book so I get the right names from anywhere and I can call the people from anywhere???

  7. Hi Folks and thanks for any help or suggestions anyone can provide. What I actually need to accomplish has to do with the “smart dialing” feature. I need to insert a pause which seems to be impossible. The pause needs to appear in the part of the smart dialing program where it says “To access office extensions within my corporation, call Number: 1area code1234567 (pause has to go here) 1234 (which is the access code). The RIM site claims that you can either put an “X” at the end of this dialing sequence in the smart dialing program or at the beginning of the contact’s number which I discovered only links the smart dialer to the contact only if the “X” is placed at the front of the contact number only. Regarding the “pause” it does not matter what I put there where the pause needs to go, it’s either turned into a number or, if I choose a space, it still dials as if it’s one long number with no spaces. The comma will not work which would be normal but the Blackberry will not insert it, turns it into a letter “N” and when it’s actually dialed somehow manages to turn it into a “7” which really screws things up, go figure???

    I tried the Berrydialer app for calling cards I was hoping to set it up as something like a smart dialer feature where I could use that above number with the appropriate pause (which Berrydialer does allow) and it does work but there are a few issues. It doesn’t set calling card accounts in alphabetical order but most of all I can do the same thing by just going to my contacts in Microsoft outlook and adding that dialing sequence in front of every contact. I was really trying to avoid this for everyone. In the RIM link regarding the smart dialer it says an “X” can be added at either the end of the dial sequence of “To access office extensions within my corporation, call Number” or at the beginning of the Contact number but this not the case, it only works when it’s added at the beginning of the Contact number. It would be a big help if it would work in the smart dialer because no one’s contacts would have to be changed which would be ideal.

    If nothing can be done to adjust the Blackberry I’am hoping the company phone switch can be adjusted to accept something the Blackberry can send out from the smart dialer feature as a pause.

    Don’t suppose there is an app out there that would provide two separate contract lists?

    The easiest solution is simply to eliminate the access code but that may be unadvisable since the possibility of fraud can exist.

    Would there be some kind of app that would you to rewrite the smart dialing feature or allow you to change the desk top manager in such a way to allow you to adjust the contacts as a group which would make things a lot easier.


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