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OperaMini Beta Version 3 Released With Transition Effects!

rockopera.gifOpera just released the new beta version 3 of Opera Mini at their Rock Opera event. The new version sports some nifty new features including transition effects and bookmark synchronization. The biggest impression the new beta gave me was the speed at which it now lets you view pages. The innovative zoom feature is super fast and the transition between pages is zippy especially when you are going back a page. It seems that they have done some serious rework on the code to make it such a performer on the BlackBerry. I still have to complain that things are not all pretty. They still need to work on incorporating more keyboard shortcuts beyond the keypad. They have implemented the spacebar to go down a page but they still do not support hitting “B” to go to the bottom of the page and such but hopefully that will be fixed in future revisions. It also has some great support of RSS for reading your favorite feeds on the road but it does not prefetch them for you and cache them locally like Viigo.

Get Opera Mini Beta 3 at the following link from your BlackBerry Browser.

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  1. Never mind this new beta, Opera still won’t work on my Curve because it can’t reach the Internet. It probably still looks for a direct TCP/APN-based connection, which my carrier does not allow. Many developers that code for the Blackberry platform still don’t know what BIS is. 🙁

  2. luc,
    Which carrier are you on? I am surprised that Opera has not taken the BIS transport into account with their new version. Shame on them for the oversight

  3. My carrier is Vivo, I am in Brazil. I only have BIS, my carrier does not allow any kind of direct TCP connection. They won’t even provide an APN. I have tried using the APN they provide to the high speed CDMA plan, but it’s no use.

    That prevents a lot of applications from working: Opera mini, mobichat, Yahoo! Go, MidpSSH, WorldMate and several others I have removed and whose names I don’t remember anymore. They run, but are useless because they can’t reach the Internet at all.

    Some applications work fine with my BIS connection: Gmail app, Google Maps, Freerange, Viigo, Radar, IdeaMatrix, Google Talk, IM+ for Skype.

  4. I feel your pain. I remember the days before carriers in the USA allowed direct TCP/IP access. It was a constant struggle with them. I think it was also RIM’s fault for not explaining this to the carriers.

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