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OTA Download For MyAlarm Application Now Hosted At BerryReview

myalarm1.jpgMyAlarm is a wonderful free application that allows you to setup up to 6 separate MP3 alarms on your BlackBerry. Personally I think the native alarm program needs to be fixed by RIM but MyAlarm is a perfect interim solution. As an admirer of the MyAlarm application I offered to make a home for it at I know many readers have asked me for a working OTA link to the MyAlarm application and wanted to let you know that it is now located at the following link:

OTA Link:

DM Link: 

If you want to learn more about the MyAlarm application check out the link where we announced it or the website of the developer. As a side note if you are a developer and need a home for your project or OTA downloads then just send us a message using the contact us page.

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  1. Couldn’t get it to run on my VZW 8703e…

  2. Thats interesting. The developer does not mention support for the 8703 but I assumed it was similar to the 8700 in terms of support

  3. That’s what I get for not reading the developer’s website! Last time I assumed software for an 8700 would run on my 8703e, I ended up at VZW exchanging it for a new one!

  4. 5 out of 7 mp3 ringtones I tried did not work with the app. (Device only vibrated).

    Bitrate issue? Problem with external cards?

    It’s a shame, app looked promising.

  5. Works great on my 8100! The UI could be a bit prettier though. Also, in order to change an “audio file” from one file to another, you need to change back to “beep” and then select “audio file” again in order to make the modification. Cool app!

  6. Jeremy which series device were you using? When a friend tried it on a 8320 and on an 8700 he had similar issues.

    Ja(ce)son I agree that the UI could use some work. Personally I use the switched layout that you can access through the menu

  7. Can’t get to ota link

  8. So disappointed. All I get is an error message. Please fix the link so this works on the 8330

  9. I’m getting a 404 message, which I guess means it isn’t there anymore. Can you please re-post it? I’ve been looking for a multiple-alarm app for my Curve for a couple of weeks and this looks like the best one.

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