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Original Nintendo Zelda On Your BlackBerry! – Well Sort Of…

zeldaforberry5.jpgI will preface this post with a big warning and a complete disclaimer that if you device decides to self implode I take no responsibility. This game is not for the faint of heart. In short if don’t enjoy making software work than just ignore this post.

I have just found a wonderful port of the much loved Zelda Nintendo NES game for J2ME devices. The screenshots you see here are from my BlackBerry 8800 running the game. The good guys at Zelda Mobile are up to Beta 3 of our favorite sword toting green man. The d0wnload for the game comes in at almost 500K but is playable if you are willing to fiddle around with the controls. Keep in mind this software is not designed specifically for your BlackBerry so it may take a bit of work.


If you still think you are willing to deal with getting this game working the download link is after the jump.

You have to install the game at this link using your Internet Browser. The other browsers will give you an error of entity to large: 


You can then run the game and click in your trackball. You can then hit the menu button and get the settings page where you can set the controls to work on your BlackBerry. This takes quite a bit of trial and error but did work for me in the end. Sadly you cannot use the trackball to control =(

Leave a comment if you need some help and I will try to help you out if I can…

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  1. Link size is only about 400 bytes.

  2. You are correct Ron. They recently brought it down from 500 to 400 and that was still stuck in my head. I can see in the screenshot I took above that I kind of glossed over the fact that the size has been reduced

  3. Hey I am stuck at the boss that is invisible and I don’t know how to beat him. Plz help me

    • to beat the shadow boss just stand in the middle of the room and wait for him to apear as soon as he quites blinking stab him quickly and move down to miss his sword repeat a few time and he wil die

  4. I would just play my classic nes games on Wii Shop or at virtualnes/

    It’s slowly becoming harder to find this classic games though. The only problem with these phone games is how expensive they are. They are really convient and fun. If I had more money I would get them for my phone. Super Mario Bros. 3 if they had it.

  5. Cameron! I am at the same area. There is just something that kicks your butt and you can’t see it! I tried using the potion. I don’t know what its for. I bought the 250 rubee blue coat and nothing has changed! Help!!!!!

  6. there is a room in the dungeon with a crakced wall. you need to blow it up with a bomb and you will go through a few rooms and get a candle. you can then equip the candle in the room and you will see a ghost which you can kill with the sword it only takes about 4 or 5 hits. hope this helps

  7. When I go in the caves where you can buy stuff it won’t let me buy bombs. Why is this?

  8. how do you break the barrier in level 9? i have tried everything

  9. Do I just hook my phone up to my PC and download the link?

  10. im in the level after the shadow monster and have gone everywere in this level and cant get to the boss there is a moving spike thing blocking one of the doorways what do i do

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