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CORRECTION: “Berry Glass” Is Actually “Vista Theme” By THemes4BB

glassberry_zen.jpgI was just made aware by Steve at that the “Berry Glass” theme I mentioned before is actually a rip off of a Vista theme he had released awhile back. I personally wanted to set the record straight since I love this theme and wanted to give the creator their due praise. Once again Steve sorry for the mix up and shame on your “Cyclops.” I can understand the appeal to make derivative works from somebody else’s design but is it that hard to ask for permission or at the very least give credit to the original author. While I appreciate the added “Today” style created by Cyclops he really should have given credit to the theme’s original designer.

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  1. After reviewing Steve’s theme and using Cyclops theme it is not a rip-off….he used the background…the two theme are quite different. In my opinion Cyclops theme is much better.

  2. actually, Cyclops is a “ripoff” of another theme on…do a search for GlassyBerry and you’ll see that the creator of that theme started to charge thus Cyclops released his version for free and called it Berry Glass….might get your info straight…

  3. old topic I know, but here’s the facts: if you make a theme using the same general elements, mimicing the look someone else has put together, for WHATEVER reason, and don’t list them as the source or inspiration, you copied, and therefore suck.

  4. I feel I need to step in here. I’ve looked at both these themes and I can conclude they are both significantly different. However, no one other than microsoft can claim ownership of look and feel here. There’s no way that Steve can claim that Cyclops stole the look and feel when he stole it from microsoft in the first place. Please stop accusing people of plagarism when Steve was just as guilty in the first instance!! There are also many independant themes doing the rounds for iphone themes. I really doubt that these all originated from a single author – more likely the vast majority were individually created based on the iphone. Again the only owner of the look and feel would be Apple!

  5. Refillpad I sort of agree with you but I always have my reservations with regards to these issues. This recantation just confused the issue. It seems that three different Vista themes were released around the same time with Themes4bb’s coming first. I really could care less who developed them since all the developers except for glassyberry were kind enough to release them to the general public.

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