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xPlayer – Free BlackBerry Media Player – Now Skinable

xplay3.jpgxPlayer is one of my favorite new applications for the BlackBerry. The media player reminds me of Winamp and just gets the job done with a very user friendly interface that now also has theme options. As I mentioned before it also helps that the software is completely free when compared to the competition and has no limits and restrictions. Thankfully in the new version x-Berrysoft has provided both OTA and Desktop install links:

xPlayer Website:
OTA: OTA Download Install link
Desktop: Desktop Manager Install Link

The new version of xPlayer brings a few fixes and new features to the application even though it is still in beta. They have introduced cool new features like combining playlists and scrolling page by page instead of line by line. I highly encourage everybody to provide the developer Rob with as much feedback as possible on what needs to be improved in the application.

Update notes since we last mentioned xPlayer

v.0.97 BETA 5

  • Supported video formats mp4, 3gp
  • Themes is supported, new themes are available on the x-berrysoft website
  • Load many playlists at one time (use SPACE to multi select)
  • Fixed issue with file extensions (upper case)
  • Fixed issue mute then select “next”
  • Page Scroll B-bottom, T-top
  • xFile: Optimized method for loading files (level 1)
  • xFile: Files multi selection is supported now (use SPACE to mark file selected)
  • xFile: Page Scroll (Up –LEFT, Right – DOWN)
  • xFile: Help is added

v.0.96 BETA 4

  • add option “Include subfolder” when open a folder with media files. You can now manage this parameter in application Settings (select Settings from main menu)
  • full screen video playback support
  • fix issue with shuffle. Now shuffle mode is applied to “Next” command
  • implement new navigation scheme. If cursor on the current played file, pause will be selected, if cursor on the other file playback of selected file will be selected
  • add option duplicate files in playlist. You can change this option in application Settings
  • shortcuts help is added
  • mute is supported now. Shortcut – ‘m’
  • Phone button goes application to background without pause (for audio files only)
  • Support additional file formats: wma, mp4
  • 8700 device (OS 4.2) now supported (navigation, shortcuts, change volume etc)
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  1. !!! I have a BB 7250 and my son, trying to help, loaded this off of the web to my device.

    NOW my device is frozen! I keep getting the DATA ABORT, RESET screen and can’t get past it. Even tethering to my laptop to the BB software I get the FATAL ERROR screen.

    WHAT DO I DO???

  2. Exact same thing happened to me this evening. Did you ever resolve your problem?

  3. You may have to reset the device. I have never seen the error but I would contact the developer for help since he may have a solution. You can contact him here: [email protected]

  4. I loaded xPlayer, V 0.97 Beta 5 application on my BB 8703c. I thought I successfully loaded it, as the BB rebooted after installation. However, when I click on the icon, I get the following error message: Error starting xplayer: Symbol ‘ImageManager.init> ‘ not found. Waiting to hear a response, but doesn’t look good as it does not even post to the Applications listing, under Settings-Advanced Options.

    Would stay clear of this application until things are fixed and the developer responds to this and other emails.

  5. Was able to remove the application by using Desktop Manager! Again, would not recommend loading this player on a 8700 series.

  6. I actually am not sure the application is even compatible with the 8700 series since it does not have an MicroSD card. I will have to ask the developer 🙂

  7. Forward or rewind on a video anyone?

  8. Bassim FWD and RWD work just fine on xPlayer. It is actually better than the RIM player in that regard. In my opinion it is still a little too slow…

  9. I loaded this player but it always wanted to go to some web store to download some thing. don’t know what it wants to do. Removed it and do NOT recommend. Thanks but no thanks.

  10. Forgot to mentioned that the model is 8700r (Rogers)

  11. Yeah it seems like x-berrysoft has sold out to Shape services. Not sure how that impacts this application but I have also seen some changes. Thanks for the heads up!

  12. If someone has an older version of it that works, please let me know and I don’t mind testing it on my 8700r. Although it does not have and expansion slot, it does have 40+ MB free storage. The graphics seem to be quite nice and the audio is not bad after I upgraded the OS to 4.2.x. I guess it depends on the bit rates of the media files as created.

    Also would like to add that I do have an issue with the OS upgrade. My browser does not work any more – the WAP browser seems fine for now. If I called for support and the browser worked, BUT I lost message notification such as vibrate and tone. So I opted for notifications over browser for now. A ticket should have been created with Rogers to look into it.

  13. Sorry RS I dont have an older version. I also do not know of a good MP3 player for 8700 devices.

    What happened to the phone in your OS upgrade. Also why do you need the Wap browser instead of the Internet Browser?

  14. Phone was working all the time. I don’t want WAP browser. But it is the only way to get my notifications back.

  15. Have you tried installing and OS from a different carrier? Maybe that would fix the problem. When I had an 8700 it used to be finicky like that. Every OS had its own bugs and features

  16. Thanks for the thought. I did not but I dont think I will either. I did contact Rogers and loaded an updated one from RIM.

  17. RS,
    You can load any other carriers OS on your BlackBerry using some very simple steps. You get some great bug fixes out of it if you are willing to do the work. If you need the directions just let me know.

  18. I would not mind knowing how as I am considering a BlackBerry myself in the near future. So please, if you don’t mind, send me the steps to [email protected]. Many thanks.

  19. Simple enough:
    I will try to find you some more in depth instructions later.
    Just remember to do a Backup!

  20. Thanks very much.

  21. anytime 🙂

  22. I downloaded xplayer 1.0.1 but it was slower than slow on my Blackberry Curve 8320. I can’t even say if it actually played music because it was so slow to start (5-7 minutes) that I never actually tried to use it. (I also have a 4GB media card and maybe that was slowing it down too). I think it was also slowing down my laptop when I had the Desktop manager open. I deleted xplayer and do not recommend. Its disappointing because the Blackberry media player has such limited functionality.

  23. freezes with video files in .avi. Picture/frame freeze, but audio continues. I’ve checked on repairing the files and the files are fine and play fine on the BB media player.

  24. How do you install xPlayer on the balckbery. I can only see 4 folders on my blackberry when I connect to my compouter. and the files that I downloaded have .cod or .alx extensions.

    Thank you much

  25. I installed the player, and works great. however, the videos do not play in full screen, they’re still using half the screen, just like the pre-installed RIM media player. how do i get the videos to play fullscreen? thanks.

  26. Hi guys,
    I have a quick question – why does the player come up after every incoming or outgoing call that I make/get? It also happens when I get a text message. I have the BB Pearl 8100.
    Thanks for any thoughts

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