PALM Loses Cisco As A Client – RIM Does Not Step In

247wallst.gifI found this interesting article on about Cisco dumping Palm devices for their support staff. The author, Jon Ogg, thought this would be a great opportunity for RIM but it seems like other competitors are getting the business instead. He does not know why BlackBerry’s are missing from the list for Cisco support staff since they are the clear leader for Enterprise Mobility. It does look bad for Palm when the leading networking company dumps their devices. The devices that will be transferring to are Motorola’s Q phone, Samsung’s BlackJack phone, and Nokia’s E61 phone.

Cisco sales and support staff have other needs that the Treo just can’t handle, and contacts have openly complained about call drops, poor bandwidth for data, and a lack of needed functionality for where Cisco is going.  These devices are being changed out as this is being written, but it is likely that Palm knew about being dropped when it gave its last guidance since this would not have been an overnight development.

Getting the one-two heave-ho from the networking behemoth is bad enough, but with the highest visibility possible in Cisco this could spill over to Cisco clients as well. PDA-phones are often conversational pieces, and having the world’s number one networker bash a PDA-phone in favor of a new replacement is not a good thing.  You could easily see other companies take the attitude “If it’s good enough for Cisco, then it should be good enough for me.” in fact, a contact has noted at least one specific instance at a global law firm.

I personally found it suprising that RIM was not in the consideration for replacement devices. On the other hand I think this is just one more nail in the Palm coffin. They really need to step up to the plate or they will lose their share of the game due to a lack of innovation. Check out the full article on

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