Free Copy Of PocketExpress From

pocketexpress1.jpgThere is a free copy of PocketExpress waiting for all BlackBerry users at under the “Whats Hot” section. There is only an OTA install option from that link. It seems that this is a limited version of PocketExpress but I cannot confirm this since I have no experience with the software. It seems that this free version offers flight tracking that usually costs $9.99 a month or $99.90 a year so this is a pretty good deal. I know you cant be nitpicky when the software is free but personally I did not like the constant upselling that Handmark does in PocketExpress. (Check out the screenshots below) It is the only BlackBerry application I have ever seen other than AvantGo that has banner ads built into the interface. Even though I realize that Handmark is trying to make a living  it gets annoying when wvery one of these banner ads are trying to upsell you another product or service for another monthly fee. Other than that the interface is quite slick and enjoyable but sadly does not have GPS support for mapping or 411 features. Check out more info on PocketExpress at Thanks to MiBlackBerry for tipping us off!


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