TrackMyJourney – Free GPS Tracking For Your BlackBerry

trackmyjourney3.jpgTrackMyJourney is a free web based GPS tracking solution. They do have a beta version of the application that runs on your 8800 series BlackBerry and makes use of the internal GPS. To be honest this program and website are quite complex and has features that I don’t quite understand but I know enough to see that it could be very useful. The program syncronizes and allows you to send GPS coordinates from your BlackBerry and share them with friends. There is a pretty complex permissions system that you can limit and control what information your friends have access to. For example you can let them view past locations but not where you currently are or vise versa. There is also quite a bit of compatibility built into the software allowing you to import and export information using GPS standard files.

To set TrackMyJourney up you have to go to their website and register. You will have to go to this link to get your longitude and latitude coordinates to register the software. Once you register you can access the download page for the BlackBerry TrackMyJourney application at this link. The software seems to be a port to the BlackBerry so the menu and interface are controlled by the number keys on your BlackBerry. For example to reach the menu you press “0” and to see your location you press “1”. Check out the application and tell us what you think.


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