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MGmaps – New Free GPS Program – May Provide On Device Maps

gmaps1.jpgToday I decided to take a chance and try another one of the free GPS programs that now support BlackBerry Devices. As a fair warning most of these free applications are on the bleeding edge and do not even come close to Google Maps or Telenav in terms of ease of use or even getting it to work. I am only providing this information as a heads up and not as a how to description of how to get it to work. To be honest it does not work half of the time but it is a step closer to true GPS on BlackBerry devices.

The application I tried was called MGmaps that promises to deliver on device maps for BlackBerry devices. This is actually quite promising since they already support on device maps for other phones. This is important since all of the current GPS or mapping solutions require a constant data connection. MGmaps has the ability to show overlays like the OnNYTurf and TubeJP projects that overlay subway maps on Google Maps which is pretty cool. Keep in mind this program is quite buggy and fickle so I had to really play with it to even get it to work at all. The software is actually a combination of MGmaps and Navizon which is an application that allows even non GPS devices to triangulate their location (or something like that). You can download the application OTA or for Desktop installs at this link. This program is actually quite promising since it has offshoots such as that allow you to plot and track your location on a map.

If you still feel like checking it out let us know what you think. I am sure the developers at MGmaps would love some extra beta testers. I also feel that if we let them know how much we want on device GPS maps they may have more incentive to support it.

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  1. I downloaded this app to my phone and it didn’t work so i uninstalled it and now none of my other apps will work. the error says uncaught exception: exception thrown in a midlet constructor, also java errors on every app i try to open..
    I can’t use opera mini, gmail, yahoo go, google maps, infospace, lavella radio, black&white list, spell check, berry 411, eqo, beamberry, etc. all my apps don’t work now. is there a fix for this?

  2. Lance,
    Are you sure you completely uninstalled it. There are actually 2 programs installed by the software. one is called TMJ maps and another is called navizon if I am not mistaken. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I uninstalled navizon and the other app dissappeared automatically and its not in my apps list to uninstall.

  4. I have three solutions that may work for you but one is more complicated than the others.
    The first would be to remove it using the desktop manager if it catches it
    The second would be to install it again and remove it with the desktop manager
    The last involves removing the JAR and cod files using javaloader. I can try to find you some instructions if that helps

    Sorry for all the trouble. Thats the problem with the bleeding edge

  5. Yeah I’ll try to install it again when I get home tonight and use my desktop manager. I pray that it works. I can’t live w/o my pearl…lol
    If I were to reinstall the core app 4.2, do you think that would help fix whatever the error was? and would that erase all my apps?

  6. Lance,
    Once again I am sorry to hear all your troubles. I actually keep a 8700 around just in case anything ever happens to my 8800. Try the desktop manager and let me know how it goes. If you update the OS on the Pearl you will definitely recover to the original settings and if I am not mistaken the new version of desktop manager will keep your applications also but you will have to reactivate any software that you purchased

  7. Thank you for all your help. I actually just reinstalled it ota and all my other apps are now working again. I’ll just leave it as is for now until I get home. Hopefully the desktop manager route will work to remove this app and I’ll be good to go. I actually have a 7100t laying around but its nothing like my pearl… Thanks again for all your help.

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