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BlackBerrySmart HTML Email Viewer Version 2.3 Released!

fastbookings_new.JPGA new version of the wonderful BlackBerrySmart HTML email viewer has been released today. The update is free for all customers and adds a multitude of new features that make this a must have application. We will be doing a full update of the previous review later in the day but I wanted to release the full feature list now. My favorite addition is email templates that allow you to use a template to respond or create new emails. I found this very useful since it allowed me to have multiple email signatures for the same email address.

What is new in v2.3:

* BlackBerrySmart lost a lot of weight! Down from 240 to 135K!
* Changed around the graphics used on several options and trial related screens
* Can now press the ‘Enter’ key when a link is highlighted to launch the browser
* Fixed up email scrolling behavior when using shortcuts and then switching to the thumbwheel
* Added in a signal strength indicator on the connection setup screen
* Added in ability to change header font size & bold preference (and pick a smarter default size)
* Added in the “PIN ” option to the menu when contact has a PIN number
* Made some optimizations to improve email loading times
* Fixed up email header scrolling behavior (no more “lost cursor”)
* OS v4.1 users will now be able to use the “Add to Calendar” functionality

And finally, as part of our ongoing efforts to move BBSmart Email Viewer more towards a complete email solution (rather than just being a “viewer”) we’ve added in email templating AKA SmartSay. If you are not familiar with email templating, the fundamental idea is that you can pre-save responses: email signatures, your phone number, email address, etc. Then when you are composing an email just select “SmartSay…” from the menu, pick whatever it is you want to insert and have it automatically inserted in the email. Great if you find typing certain things (like your business email signature or phone number) a pain!

Also great because this provides the exact same functionality that you find in $10 – $20 BlackBerry apps. and you get it for FREE! Please note the “Check for Updates” will only work for the people who previously had OS v4.2 version installed. Everyone else you can install via DM or OTA at: BBSmart OTA Install

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  1. I am looking for a html file viewer for the blackberry 8800. Do you have any suggestions. I want to have a viewer that will view a html page like internet explorer. I have seen html email viewers but not any that would work with an html document.

    I would really appreciate your input.

    Scott Davis
    IS Dept
    HD Fowler Company

  2. honestly I know there is some abandonware called reqwireless that used to do exactly what you are asking. Maybe you could send them an email…

    Nowadays I would try google’s gmail app that does basic html or maybe try logicmail. I have never really seen logicmail do html but maybe…

  3. Scott are you talking about attachments or documents stored on your BlackBerry. Maybe one of the dynoplex offerings or repligo offerings would fit the bill

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