BlackBerry Home Server – Send Desktop Music & Files To Your BlackBerry

blackberryhomeserver.jpgA new Globe and Mail article talks about a new RIM technology that will allow you to organize your BlackBerry media files from your desktop called BlackBerry Home Server. This is really targeted towards the consumer market which is a big step forward for RIM. The software would reside on your Desktop or Laptop and would connect to RIM’s servers to allow you to manage and transfer music to and from your BlackBerry all over the cellular network. In my opinion this would be absolutely awesome. This would really help RIM compete with other MP3 players such as the Sansa that have built in WiFi to transfer tunes. Just imagine when RIM adds WiFi to their new devices this will be even more useful. This is just another way that RIM is targeting the consumer market and I really think it is a great way to leverage their always on connectivity to beat out the likes of the iPhone. VIA MiBlackBackberry

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