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neosistec1.jpgNeosistec Chronos – Free Chronograph For BlackBerry Devices
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Compatibility: OS 4.1+

By request today we are reviewing Neosistec’s free chronograph for BlackBerry devices. The chronograph does not have many features that are available in Michael Hong’s chronograph that we reviewed last week. The application is also covered with branding images from Neosistec. Not to mention the fact that there is an annoying nag screen for 5 seconds when you close the application. I really hate to complain about free software but there is another free, viable, and better solution. If you are still interested read the review below to get the full details.

There is no webpage for the Neosistec chronograph with screenshots or any other identifying information. The website is in Spanish only and BabelFish did a terrible job of translating it. Your only choice is to download the application over the air and test it out. The install is quite small at only 80K.


Interface: The top third of the application is taken up with a Neosistec logo. I don’t mind branding but that is just over the top. The screen also offers you a view of the chronograph with four different buttons. You can start/stop the chronograph, mark a lap (Which they call step), view the menu, or exit the application.


Options: The menu shows you the different options you have. You can choose to have a accumulated time readout or a lap by lap readout but not both. The accumulated time logs the accumulated time every time you hit the step button. The lap readout only shows the time it took for each lap. There is no way to toggle between the two without losing your lap information.

neosistec4.jpg neosistec5.jpg

You also have the option to look at the results page which shows you the results of the chronograph. I am not quite sure what the purpose of this is other than showing the data in a smaller and regular font. You must go to this screen to email yourself the results of the chronograph. You can see a sample of the email above. Notice the signature added to the email once again references Neosistec. There is no option to turn that off.


Hotkeys: In the application you can hit the spacebar to mark each lap and the enter button to start and stop the chronograph.


Above is the nag screen that you see when you close the application. There is no way to exit the nag screen without waiting 5 seconds. I really wish developers will avoid intrusive branding such as this. It does not seem to serve any purpose.


  • Free Chronograph
  • Email and hotkey support


  • Obtrusive branding
  • Annoying nag screen
  • Lack of support for chronograph lap and total time together
  • Weird setup of the application

Conclusion: I would highly recommend that you install Michael Hong’s Free Chronograph/Timer application instead of this one. Hong’s chronograph also includes a timer and does not have all the intrusive branding included in this application. Hopefully Neosistec will listen and redo the interface to not be as intrusive. I cannot recommend that users install this application when there is a free version that has more features and is very user friendly. Maybe next time around Neosistec will have more to offer to justify the installation.

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  1. I tried Michael Hong’s chronograph and is excellent, however you cannot choose from your existing sound for the alarm, and the ones the prog have are just to low to hear

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