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MyAlarm – Multiple BlackBerry Alarms For Free!

myalarm1.jpgMyAlarm – Multiple Alarms – By Rodolfo Hurtado
Homepage Link:
Compatibility: Confirmed on 8100, 8800, and 8300

Rodolfo Hurtado has released a free application that allows you to have up to 6 additional Alarms on your BlackBerry. So far the release seems to only support OS 4.2 devices. This application also allows you to set a MP3 or ringtone as your alarm. My favorite feature is the ability to set the volume for the ringtone and also set how many times it is repeated.

Main Features from the developers website:

  • 6 more alarms.
  • Choose which day it will beep.
  • Snooze 1, 5 and 10 minutes.
  • Monophonic tone, midi and mp3 support.
  • Each alarm has its own tone. Also you can override the individual tone with a global one.
  • Change the Layout of the application (this is needed to support some older OS version and trackwheel models).

Check out the screenshots and more information after the jump…

The application has quite a bit of functionality considering the fact that it is a free application. It allows you to choose any sound file on your BlackBerry as the alarm. You also have the ability to set the name of the alarm. Another nice feature is the ability to set the alarm to beep at a certain frequency (Hz) for a certain duration. There are two different layouts that you can choose from for the application and you can also change the time format from 12/24 hour settings. As seen in other alarm applications you can schedule which day of the week each alarm should be set for. I would highly recommend downloading this wonderful FREE application.


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  1. hi, doesn´t work for bb 7130v.

  2. VZW 8703e – Error starting MyAlarm: Class ‘’ not found.

  3. I have 8300 and I get prompts to allow access to local content
    So when the alarms goes off I have to grant access to the local content, which defeats the purpose of having an alarm
    I’m running v4.4.4.166(platform
    If anyone has any suggestions it would be really helpful
    Otherwise the app works as descibed

  4. Have you tried enabling permissions in the security section of the settings application. Go to settings>security>application permissions and try to set the permissions there to allow everything…

  5. Already did that, same results

  6. Sorry I am plain out of options. I have run it on my 8310 and I dont get any errors like that. Do you have the media card encrypted maybe?

  7. I am using the Blackberry Perl 8130 and get the same media access prompt. I am using an SD card, and it is not encrypted.

    I have changed the application access to grant all, but does not help.

    It’s a nice program, but usless with getting this message.

  8. Installed OK on my Pearl 8130 but doesn’t work correctly. Alarm occurs but no tone. Must be a 4.3 problem because it does not officially support the 8130.

  9. Yeah the newer devices seem to be having issues with the application. It sucks it was the best alarm program for BlackBerry…

  10. I had the same problem accessing ringtones on my SD card with my 8130. However, if you set myalarm to beep only, it works fine.

  11. Yeah don your correct the Beep works. I really wish the developer would pick up the slack or release his source code to allow for others to pick up where he left off…

  12. To fix the problem with dialog boxes for MP3 alarms on SD card turn your firewall ON! (not sure why it works but it fixed it for me)

    Also make sure that MyAlarm security settings has local content set to Allow.

  13. I’m trying to make a profile that will silence tones for all messages and phone rings, but still allow the alarms to work. (i want to wake up by the alarm, but not have to hear the phone ring or email alerts)

    Does anyone know what type of tone my alarm is? is it Level 1 messages?

    When I used the quiet profile my alrms did not go off.

  14. Interesting does that really work artiface?

  15. I have tested the firewall thing, and it does work.

    1) You have to go into your Blackberry settings
    2) You have to go into Advanced Settings
    3) Go into firewall settings and turn it on

    The first time My Alarm starts an alarm, you have to allow both network connections and file connections.


  16. First off, let me start by saying that u definitely r ingenious Artiface(u deserve capitalization), thanx a million!!!
    Secondly, I also want 2 add that the firewall fix also works w/o a memory card, jtlyk
    And since I’m here, does any one of u extremely resourceful persons have anymore tips & tricks for the curve(8300 in my case)
    Please feel free 2 recommend any apps that u all r fond of(hopefully freeware, but it doesn’t matter)
    I myself would recommend IM+
    I was lucky enuff 2 get it at a discount
    I needed it bcuz AT&T doesn’t support Y!Messenger on their network, but it was worth it bcuz of its centralization of the most popular IM clients
    I just hope u have a decent data plan, if u do, it’s well worth it’s weight in gold(lifetime license)
    Also, theres a xcellent version of Pac-Man(trackball, freeware)
    developed by Benny Chow
    Finally, I believe their giving away a free game the 1st monday of every month(don’t quote me, check it out, somehow I always 4get) at
    Thats it 4 now
    Hope 2 c some comments posted soon

  17. guess this will be posted tomorrow 🙂

  18. Yes the firewall enable does the trick. Thank you, very much!!
    I was going to give up on this essential app for my VZW 8830.

    A minor inconvenience results from this change – Google maps 2.0.1 becomes partially disabled – the my location AGPS feature cannot find, update your location.

  19. I just turned off the setting on the alarm called ‘Alarm Code’ & the alarms just play on os 4.2.166 on a pearl 8100. They also play with the profile set to silent so I will get the alarms without having to listen to my email bleeping all night long.

  20. I am very new to the blackberry… It took me over an hour just to get the alarm installed on my computer and now I cant even get it to make any noise. I have the 8130… I even tried putting the alarm on beep only like someone suggested and that didnt even work. Any suggestions anyone?

  21. 2 Heather:
    1st, did u enable your firewall; to do so go 2 options, then security options and enable ur firewall
    If u need 2 disable it 2 use certain apps, do so, but remember 2 enable it in order for MyAlarm 2 work
    If this does not work, check to c what version of the OS your phone has. If it is not 4.2 or higher, u may have 2 upgrade and then try the firewall trick again
    Even though I have a Curve, this should work for u also
    Just check out my other post 2 c exactly what OS I’m running
    I hope this works 4 u
    If so, I am glad 2 b of help & b sure 2 post anything else u may b having problems with and I’ll c if i can help

  22. Ok I downloaded the MyAlarm.alx application from the website: and extracted/unzipped the file, but I cannot get it onto my phone. When I am in Blackberry Desktop Manager and follow their instructions for adding an application an error message comes up and it says “no additional application for your device were found.” Help! I am pretty computer illiterate to simple terms is helpful. I have a pearl 8130 v4.3.0.71 (platform (whatever that means!). This one alarm this is RIDICULOUS!

  23. I must agree, one alarm is a travesty
    Anyways, try using this OTA link directly from ur phone
    If this works, just read my previous posts on how to get MyAlarm to work properly
    Let me know how things go

    • I am having a problem with the OTA link. It says page not found. Is there an updated web link that I could use via OTA? I have lost my cord so until I find it I am unable to use the desktop manager. Thank you.

  24. Thank you SO much for your help! The alarm is working exactly how I wanted it to. Now if you could solve all my other blackberry questions…. No, but really thanks so much for your help!

  25. Glad I could help
    Feel free 2 post any other ?’S pertaining 2 ur blackberry or U can just let me know ur pin & I’ll C what I can do

  26. So it seems that the alarm doesn’t work when I have my keys locked.several times I look at my phone after the alarm SHOULD have gone off and try to unlock the keys, my screen freezes and it takes like a minute to work itself out and unfreeze.this is not good if its always going to act like this. Any thoughts?

  27. Ok so now the alarm is just not working at all. But I haven’t done anything different to turn it off or anything. Should i re-download it?

  28. The application works perfectly on my 8100 Pearl ….. Very impressive….. A great addition to a great phone 🙂

  29. No sound on pearl 8130

  30. Ya mine only chooses to work some days…even though I have it set to go off everyday. Any ideas to fix it? Or am I just out of luck?

  31. i have installed the myalarm application and was having the same issue that is described above with a pop up asking for a permission to use the audio files.
    i turned on all permissions and turned on my firewall, but now whenever my alarm goes off it asks me to put in a code that turns the alarm off. is there anyway to turn off this ridiculous setting? thank you!

  32. rachel untic the box on the alarm tab Alarm Code should do it.

    oh and the firewall enabling GENIUS i fought for 2 days and was about to give up and use only the stock “beep”, but firewall activation cured it that makes perfect sense.

  33. I got the program to find my music but how do I get back into the music selection screen for each alarm? I can only get it to into it once I first set it and I can’t get back into it after that.

  34. The OTA link does not work any longer. Is there another link that can be used. Thanks in advance

  35. Is there anyway to mute the alarm when I put my phone on silent? I would still like the alarm to go off, just not make noise.

  36. i just downloaded the my alarm, did the firewall thing and the the alarm works but the sound is so low you can barely hear it.

    i have a curve 8320, what the heck am i doing wrong, sound is all the way up. i have tried beep and audio file settings and beep frequency and duration. tone volume is set to100


    • Best App!
      Firewall setting does work. Make sure all other permissions are also set to ALLOW.
      The alarm does not care about your volume setting on the phone. It has it’s own. Set it to 100 for max.
      One minor issue… If you turn your phone off by removing the battery or it was turned off while installing another app., your MyAlarm app. will be closed at bootup. You will have to manually start it, just by clicking on it and then closing it. DO NOT use Force Exit to get out of the app. If you are not sure if it is running in the background, click menu and select switch application. You should be able to see the MyAlarm icon in the list. If you don’t see it, it is turned off and you will not be hearing any MyAlarm alarms.
      I use multiple alarms every day and it works great.

  37. So how do I download it? Is there a link I just didn’t see?

  38. i have a blackberry 8703e and downloaded some alarms but i keep getting a error that i dont have the i have seen it but cant figure out how to download it on the phone. any ideas.

    thanks gina

  39. I downloaded the app and it seems to be working I was able to set it up, i’ll keep in touch to see if it works tomorow (see if it goes off on the set time) I am using it in a BB Storm from VZW

  40. Hi, I have turned my firewall to ON and have allowed all other settings but for some reason it will only make noise if i put it on the default beep setting. i want to use a different noise but it just vibrates…… help please!!

  41. Installed myalarm on 8330. Works great but my usual 3 day standby time is cut to 1 day. Seems to be power hungry

  42. Works great on my 8330 Curve. This should come standard on Blackberry

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