Empower HTML Email Viewer Update – Version 1 Released

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Empower has gone out and done it again. They have released version of their HTML email viewer. It seems to have gotten a Moblyo makeover with some upselling on the configuration page. They have also added a registration option in the configuration page for when the product goes commercial. Don’t miss out on a free copy by registering before downloading as we mentioned here. Head over to the links above to download the new version.

Sadly when I tried to upgrade from version .91 to 1.0 I was not offered the option to upgrade. I decided to take the safer route and uninstall .91 before installing 1.0. Keep in mind this requires a reboot. The main changes are in the rendering of email and a bevy of new configuration options. As you can see in the screenshot below there is a menu button inside the empower configuration that allows you to config the advance options. Check out the details and screenshots after the jump…


Whats new in Version 1.0 (From Empower)

1. Many people wanted to view only emails messages in HTML View but not PIN messages. So we have given you Four options to set it as the default viewer for: Incoming Only, PIN Msgs, Sent, and Compose Mode !

2. Full Headers Option – If you were pressing Q all the time to view expanded headers, save that key and set the option instead

3. SmartLinks: A clever improvement in the way links are displayed. If you have a number of links pointing to different places in the same website, they all look the same www.xyz.com to you. Not good. Also, someone said its uncomfortable to click on a link if you don’t know the actual destination you will be taken to..

Both points are well grounded, so here we are now with SmartLinks. It shows you the last bit of the url as well.. Safe to know where you land before you jump.. In case you want Full Links its there as well !

5. Image rendering has improved significantly. Also given an Option to strip images altogether and give you a cleaner look. Or you can just show Images as Links, so that if your mail has 10 images you can view just the one you want and save bandwidth in the process. (Good for those on Rogers )

6. Option to turn off Smileys.

7. 4.1 & Higher: Link Address menu item provides you an option to view, copy, send etc.

Tell us what you think of the new version in the comments.

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