Review Update: BlackBerrySmart SmartView Email Viewer Beta

blackberrysmartbefore114.jpgUpdate: Product release announcement at this link

I have been in contact with the developer of SmartView after completing the review yesterday. I wanted to share his answers to some of the items that came up in my review. First of all I wanted to say that eZainny is very responsive to his Beta feedback. You can see below that since yesterday he has already resolved one of the major drawbacks of the software.

Read below to see what responses eZainny had for the concerns and suggestions mentioned in our review:

As of yesterday eZainny has notified me that the Banner on top of each email opened in SmartView has been removed.

In regard to having a hotkey to turn on and off the email viewer, eZainny mentioned that this is feature he would love to put in but cannot due to limitations imposed by RIM.

eZainny also addressed my concern that when you hit the back key in the viewer you return to the native email client. This means that you would have to hit back twice to get back to the messages list. His response was that in the current Beta version users can exit right back to the message list in one of 3 ways:
1) Hold down the ESC key for about 1/2 sec.
2) Press the ‘x’ key
3) Select “Exit (x)” from the menu.
He maintains that he didn’t want it to go back to the message list by default because he realized there are some things the RIM email program can do that SmartView can’t. As of now the program is not ready to act as a replacement for RIMs, but rather, to complement it. In a future release, eZainny will be going for all – a full email client intended as a replacement for RIMs.

Last of all with regards to spacer images in emails. eZainny responded that he will try to look into a way to limit the amount of spacer images downloaded.

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