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Review: Jewberry Hebrew Jewish Texts for BlackBerry’s

jewberry3.jpgJewberry – Jewish Hebrew texts for Blackberry
Rating 8.5/10
Cost: $29.95

This is niche piece of software that targets Jews who want to have their common prayer material always at hand. Personally this was one of the arguments against switching to a Blackberry that I could not previously refute, until now. Pocket PC’s and Palm devices have had Hebrew texts on them for over 5 years now all you Blackberry fans can share some of the lovin.

This texts included with the software are all in Hebrew, including:

  • Shacharit, Mincha, and Marriv (Including Sepharad, Edot Hamizrach, and Ashkenaz)
  • Sefirat Haomer
  • Kriyat Shema
  • Brocha Achrona (Both Sepharad and Ashkenaz)
  • Tefilat Haderech
  • Pidyon Haben
  • Brit Milah

All the books are free once you purchase the software. I have not had any contact with the actual developer so I am not sure exactly where the software is headed. To my understanding from the forums on his website we will be seeing nekudot soon in all the hebrew texts. You should look below at the screen shots to get an idea of how it would work on your Blackberry.

I have only 2 complaints about this software. First of all it hangs my device sometimes since it checks with the registration server the first time you start up the program every time you reset the device. Secondly with a device like my Blackberry 8800 everything works like a charm except when you scroll down the list of texts all the texts that you pass remain highlighted. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a lack of an update for the scroll ball.


  • Major Jewish texts on your Blackberry
  • Easy to use
  • Can download new texts from the server
  • It seems that updates are free


  • High price
  • Support forums are scarce
  • Registration connection to a server when the software is first started every time you reboot
  • Highlighting of texts is confusing
  • No easy way to skip passages for holidays (You have to scroll through them)


The software works as advertised with a few kinks. I think anybody who misses the hebrew text functionality on their palm or pocket pc device will love what this software offers if they can justify the price. I have found that having micha and maariv in my pocket more than pays for the purchase price if you can ignore the minor kinks.


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  1. BE CAREFUL!! I purchased this program for my
    Blackberry Curve 8310. However I can’t register the progam in order to use it. After an exchange with them (during which they acknowleged the problem) it still cannot be be used and they have refused to refund my money. They have refused to response to my emails or telephone messages.

  2. Levinson. Just search berryreview for They have an app that is free and does more…

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